Interesting Read: The Conservative Case for Train Travel

Over at Politics Daily, conservative commentator Matt Lewis articulates the conservative case for mass transit, especially trains and trolleys. Although sparing the environment from the impact of America's unsustainable driving habit is the most frequently cited reason on the left for reinvesting in mass transit, the word appears nowhere in Lewis's piece. Instead, Lewis makes his case on the grounds that trains are more efficient, reduce congestion, and have inherent social value. Essentially he is making the same calculation that President Obama urged Republicans to in his State of the Union Message when he said that even if they doubt the overwhelming preponderance of climate science, freeing ourselves from the burden of buying ever scarcer fossil fuels is good economic policy. Lewis concludes:

Our current transportation status was the result of heavy governmental intervention in favor of the automobile. So the next time you're stuck in traffic, keep in mind that an "invisible hand" was not responsible for driving you off this cliff (or into rush hour traffic). This was the doing of a very visible hand─the hand of government.

With President Obama and Vice President Biden talking up rail today it will be interesting to see if they get any support from the right.

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