'Newsweek' Celebrates International Cat Day With Our Favorite Felines

Saturday marks International Cat Day, and the Newsweek team want to take the holiday as an opportunity to celebrate the felines in their lives. [Editor: Or, you know, just shamelessly force pictures of our cats upon you, gentle readers, under the very thin guise of global celebration.]

Whether it's rescued kitties and cats sitting by their side as they work, or cats so memorable they inspired tattoos, the Newsweek staff has an adorable fleet of felines.

Granted, you will not a photo of a cat from me, because I'm extremely allergic, and my eyes are already watering looking at these pictures. The only cat I've ever really loved is the one from The Weakerthans song.

Here are photos of the cats that the Newsweek staff love and adore, and what their humans had to say about them.

Buzz-Alfred Joyner

"This is ‘Buzz’ aka ‘The Buzzy Boy’, ‘Fuzzy Buzzy’ or ‘Lord Buzzington." Alfred Joyner

"This is 'Buzz' aka 'The Buzzy Boy', 'Fuzzy Buzzy' or 'Lord Buzzington'. You might think he's named after Buzz Aldrin or Buzz Lightyear, but it's actually because he purrs so loud it sounds like a buzzsaw! I adopted him from a shelter last year. He was a stray who had been hit by a car, but thankfully he's fully recovered. Nowadays he spends most of his time scratching the tree outside or excitedly following me around until I give him cheese."—Alfred Joyner, Deputy Editor

Jackson-Andrew Whalen, Writer

"This is Jackson and his favorite way to sit. " Andrew Whalen.

"This is Jackson and his favorite way to sit. He was found thrown out in a garbage bag, so the shelter first named him Hefty. He licks the gravy off of wet food, then leaves the rest."—Andrew Whalen, Writer

Jackson inside a cabinet. Andrew Whalen

Jezebel, Mehitabel, and Kitty-Erika Hobbs

Jezebel under a a Christmas ornament. Erika Hobbs

"Jezebel is the tabby-like cat under the tree, in various boxes with her baby, and squished on the chair. She doesn't like any human other than me. Mehitabel is the white cat posing cute and curled up, with her sexy look and on the chair by my new desk. She was rescued as a kitten from under a Chicago porch. The polydactyl is Kitty and she's from Westmont, Illinois."—Erika Hobbs, Senior Editor

Kitty is from Illinois. Erika Hobbs
Mehitabel atop a chair. Erika Hobbs

Rori-Marina Watts

Rori with Marina as she works. Marina Watts

"Rori, otherwise known as FatCat to close friends and family, is an international treasure. The hypoallergenic, part-Bengal cat likes to drink water with her paw, and makes a loud, chirping sound when she purrs. Rori's hobbies include sleeping on the couch, sleeping in my bed, sleeping on chairs, and eating. During COVID-19, she is the best part about working remotely because she loves being around us-except for when she sleeps on my laptop (another hobby)."—Marina Watts, Writer

Sinclair Lewis-Matt Keeley

Sinclair Lewis
Sinclair Lewis poses with a "stylish hat." Matt Keeley

"This is Sinclair Lewis (shown here with a stylish hat), and he's a lot like me: huge and friendly and kinda clumsy. He sometimes looks grumpy, but most cats do—but Sinclair is an absolute sweetheart. He's my best friend and co-editor. While I'm working, he usually sleeps next to me and offers his advice. It's mostly just 'Purr...' though."—Matt Keeley, Night Editor

Nacho-Rocco Marrongelli

Nacho trying to get belly rubs. Rocco Marrongelli

"[In the first picture,] Nacho makes it irresistible to not rub this belly. [In the second picture,] These eyes mean feed me more treats! I command you!"—Rocco Marrongelli, Production Editor [Friday was also Nacho's third birthday. Happy Birthday Nacho!]

Nacho makes this face when he's hungry. Rocco Marrongelli

Angus and Miles-Joe Westerfield

Angus and Miles
Angus and Miles cuddling together. Joe Westerfield

"When we had to put down Waldorf, a beautiful 17-year-old tuxedo, it took all of two hours to go to Manhattan ACC, where Angus MacIndoe (né Tiger) (left) jumped out of his cage and started kneading my chest and purring. He never let me forget that he thought I was the one who rescued him. A year and half later, Miles Davis (né Pisces) arrived fresh from New York's Anjellicle Cats Rescue. Miles doesn't knead much, but he headbutts like a charging bull and purrs like a snorting piglet."—Joe Westerfield, Copy Editor

Rumi-Rebecca Stokes

A portrait of Rumi Stokes. Rebecca Stokes

"I live with 5 cats. Tell no one, everyone reading this right now. But for this I decided to honor the only cat I've ever gotten tattooed on my body. Meet the late great, Rumi Stokes. He enjoyed pretzels, hated mariachi bands, and stared at birds with a murderous hunger I've never seen before or since."—Rebecca Stokes, Senior Pop Culture Editor

Rumi tattoo
Rebecca's tattoo of her late cat Rumi. Rebecca Stokes