International Men's Day Opens Conversations About Mental Health, Sexism and Other Issues

Since 1999, November 19 has marked International Men's Day. According to International Men's Day website sponsored by the Australian nonprofit Fatherhood Foundation, the annual celebration seeks to "focus on men's and boy's health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and highlighting positive male role models." As the day trended on Twitter, many praised the occasion for encouraging men to be more open about mental health and rally against toxic masculinity, but some also took the opportunity to bring attention to male privilege and inequality.

Many on social media took the holiday to spread awareness about the mental health risks that men face. Writer and podcast host Jeff Ramos authored a long Twitter thread that encouraged men to be open about their emotions, to speak to people with different points of view and to dress well. British Army soldier Glenn Haughton, Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chiefs of Staff Committee, shared a video with an uplifting message for men who may suffer from mental health issues. "We need to break down the barriers to seeking mental health care and remove the stigma. Starting a conversation about it doesn't need to be difficult, it just needs empathy, being approachable, and listening," he said.

As this year's theme was "Making a difference for men and boys," many took the opportunity to acknowledge the men who made a difference in their lives. Singer Maverick Sabre shouted out many men that others can relate to, before stressing the mental health angle of the day.

Others took the opportunity to celebrate the types of men who often face discrimination for not being straight, white or cisgender. Popsessed podcast host Holly Shortall both acknowledged the importance of encouraging men to seek mental health care and drew attention to the fact that men of color, trans and gay men often don't have the same privilege that straight, white, cis men do. The ACLU further reiterated this point.

Despite the fact that International Men's Day "is not intended to compete against International Women's Day," as the website states, many couldn't help but clap back at men who do diminish that holiday. Author and journalist Andi Zeisler wished a Happy International Men's Day exclusively to men who don't ask about it on International Women's Day. Another woman mocked the men who complain about International Women's Day. Ellie Schnitt of Barstool Sports just found it funny.

The Fatherhood Foundation offers more resources to learn about the holiday and participate in events.

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International Men's Day Opens Conversations About Mental Health, Sexism and Other Issues | News