International Perspectives

"Will he make peace? Let's see him first make a government." Israeli columnist Nahum Barnea, on the landslide election victory of hard-liner Ariel Sharon

"Barak lost because the situation is impossible. We reached the stage where we could virtually touch peace and at the same time a Jew was being murdered every day." Yael Dayan, a Labor Party lawmaker

"I have to confess, it was hard for me to concentrate in the conversation with Condoleezza Rice because she has very nice legs." Ariel Sharon, on his meeting last summer with the newly named U.S. national-security adviser

"We all need peace. Optimism is the last thing you lose." Colombian rebel chief Manuel Marulanda, before his meeting with President Andres Pastrana to begin talks on the country's raging war

"I have been a victim of a corrupt government." Robert Pickett, the man who allegedly fired shots outside the White House, in a letter to the Internal Revenue Service. Police have suggested the man was planning to commit suicide--either by shooting himself or forcing the officers to open fire.

"A warning light is flashing on the dashboard of our economy, and we just can't drive on and hope for the best." President George W. Bush, sending Congress his plan for $1.6 trillion in tax cuts

"I am actually for the first time looking forward to a litigation." O.J. Simpson, surrendering to authorities on charges stemming from a December "road rage" incident. He insists the altercation is being "blown out of proportion."

"We do all kinds of wonderful things together." Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, on life with his seven blond girlfriends

"Everything about it seems sleazy." Connecticut Rep. Christopher Shays, during congressional hearings on Bill Clinton's presidential pardon of fugitive Marc Rich

"All of it was there, to the penny." FBI agent Bob Hawk, on a man who returned $640,000 several days after it fell off an armored truck

"Whether someone is a slut is a moral judgment. It is not the court's role to rule on that." Robert Glazier, attorney for the House of God, on a Florida appeals court ruling that the woman whose pastor called her a slut could not sue the church

"I was alone with more than 200 furious cattle dealers." Activist Frincis Querinjean, on being stripped to his underwear by angry cattle traders after filming them for a French animal-rights group

"Things have a natural life, and in our view it has run a natural life." Brian Harris, chief executive of "Baywatch" producer Pearson Television North America, on the end of the global hit TV show