Internet Backs Berated Babysitter Who Quit on the Spot: 'These Parents Sound Insane'

A Redditor quit her babysitting job after she was berated by one of the parents. In a now-viral post that's still picking up traction, the poster known as u/collegekit13 explained how a miscommunication led to the loss of her job.

"I worked for a wealthy family. They had two children and they'd pay me 25$/h +gas +food while there. During the summer we did not have set times I'd work," she wrote. "All I had to do was work off 20h per week. Sometimes that was a single day, sometimes it was every day of the week for 3h."

UrbanSitter's 2020 National Childcare Rate Survey revealed that the average pay for babysitters was $17.73 for one child, $20.30 for two children, and $21.49 for three children. u/collegekit13's pay and flexibility were above average — but things quickly unraveled.

She detailed a conversation with "the dad" in which he requested he'd "most likely" need her to come in on Monday at 1 p.m. but he had to check with his wife first.

"Monday rolls around and I forgot he had told me I needed to receive a text. When they did not call or text I always showed up at 5p.m according to set schedule. At 12:55 the dad calls me asking if I am going to be late," she said before adding the text discussion that followed:

"Me: Oh, but I thought I should come at 5 since I never got a confirmation.

Him: No I need you right now.

Me: I need 25minutes and I'd be there, I am so sorry for the misunderstanding.

Him: This is not a misunderstanding, these are my children.

Me: I'm sorry I must've understood wrong what we spoke about on Friday. Do you want me to come now at 1:30?

Him: No (hangs up)"

She then texted back offering to come at 5 p.m., to which he responded with "no, you'd be useless." He called her back 10 minutes later.

"Him: Where are you? Are you actually not gonna show up twice in a day?

Me: Huh, what? But you said you do not need me today?

Him: Show some proactiveness! Try to show us you actually care for our children!

Me: Sir, I cannot randomly show up at your house unless you've asked me to. I don't think I am in the wrong here. That's unfair."

Things escalated as the man took things a step further.

"Him: I'll tell you what's unfair the crap service we are receiving from you and the crazy money I am willing to pay you! You shouldn't be allowed to take care of plants let alone children. Grow up because with this attitude you'd be lucky to graduate college, darling. I can call you out on the 'b*tch' you are and you should smile and nod.

Me: Okay I quit. Consider this my two-week notice. I won't be dragged down like this for any amount of money."

Though the OP intended to train a replacement, she received a letter an hour before her shift. It said she was "being fired and my pay for the next two weeks would be $5 due to child endangerment."

She quit on the spot saying, "since I am fired I do not need to work off those two weeks and would not be coming in," then turned off her phone to avoid more confrontation.

"When I finally picked up the dad exploded and called me an a-hole, telling me that because of me they had to cancel a very important business trip to take care of their children (which both had a severe breakdown when they found out I was leaving and a new girl was coming in. It was worse for the older one (6y) who was severely attached to me. He fell down the stairs in his panic and broke a hand and busted his face open)," she wrote.

Woman and children
A woman crafts with three children. Liderina/iStock / Getty Images Plus

The internet swopped in the support the babysitter.

"NTA. You never endangered any children. They fired you and then expected you to what? Still work for them? That's not how employment works," u/Sure-Maintenance7002 said.

"And they also Wanted someone who they claimed endangered children to still be watching their child. Op you are NTA. I know it's sad that the kids are going to have to deal with the fall out of this but The parents would be continuing to treat you like this if you didn't stand up for yourself," u/Wonderful_Noise_9756 added.

u/PaddyCow felt the same and "wouldn't even have given them two weeks notice after that. He messed up the communication, was verbally abusive to op and she was still good enough to give them two weeks notice and they try to only pay her $5 an hour? Wtf is wrong with these people?"

u/poeadam agreed saying, "NTA. These parents sound insane. First off, it isn't like $25/hour for two kids is such a high rate. Second, dad tried to treat you like a slave and wasn't able to communicate effectively on your hours. Third, you did nothing to endanger the kids. Fourth, the kid getting injured was 100% NOT your fault."

The subject of the child's alleged injury came up more than once with many questioning the father's previous behaviors.

"A child hurt themselves under the care and supervision of their own parents/main caregivers and a person who was not present and not meant to be present is at fault. Hm that's a weird logic," u/ohno_spaghetti_o said. "Also he could be lying to guilt OP. Regardless, not OPs problem. You quit the parents not the kids and that is a-okay when it comes to nannying/babysitting."