Internet Backs Bridesmaid Refusing to Dye Pink Hair Natural Color for Wedding

A woman has taken to Mumsnet to share how she has been told to dye her pink hair back to its natural color in order to fulfil bridesmaid duties, and the internet is outraged on her behalf.

In the post shared to the discussion-based forum by an account called Bee97, the woman revealed she was supposed to be a bridesmaid for a close family member, later identified as her cousin.

She wrote that she had "been given the ultimatum that if I don't dye my hair a natural colour then I can only be a guest."

"I have received frequent digs about my hair and tattoos since the engagement which has become heated today. Tbh [to be honest] I don't want to go at all if I'm not good enough being who I am," she explained.

In the comments the woman clarifies that her hair is "currently pink."

Pink hair has had a resurgence in popularity and the hashtag #pinkhair has over 8.9 million entries on Instagram. It has recently been favored by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Naomi Osaka, to name a few.

The woman ended the message by asking: "Should I be expected to change who I am just to suit a bride's personal view of coloured hair and tattoos?"

The post, which was shared on January 4, has garnered lots of comments online, the majority supporting the story poster's sentiment.

One Mumsnet user, Aquamarine1029, wrote: "Do not even attend this wedding. Don't lower yourself."

Another person, Irishfarmer, added: "I'm honestly surprised you were asked in the first place! Unnatural coloured hair may not be something ppl might like for their pics but they knew that when asking you!"

Notimeforaname typed: "I wouldn't even go to the wedding after that level of insult."

DPotter admitted: "I would gracefully decline to be a bridesmaid. She knew who you were when she asked, so is being unreasonable to expect you to change your hair colour.

"You can reconsider whether or not to go as a guest when you get the invitation. Personally I'd go—with the brightest hair you feel comfortable with!"

Hydrate stated: "Well they are choosing to 'demote' you to a guest, I'd just say I understand, I'll be a guest. To be honest, being a guest is better."

Cocogreen added: "Don't change for anyone, be yourself. Sick of these wedding photos where the bridesmaids look like a row of matching Barbie dolls. Next she'll be putting everyone on diets."

However, a few were not on the poster's side including HirplesWithHaggis who opined: "You're not being asked to 'change who you are,' you're being offered a different role at a wedding.

"As a guest you can display whatever tattoos and dyed plumage you like, but perhaps the bride would prefer to be the centre of attention on her wedding day (and in her wedding photos.)"

Bringonsummer19 asked: "Have you changed your hair colour since being asked? YABU if yes but no if not. I sort of get not wanting photos with someone with rainbow hair.......! But then I wouldn't have asked if you had..."

To this, the story poster clarified that her hair has been "unnaturally coloured for the last 6 years so it's not anything new. It's pretty much what I'm known for tbh [to be honest]. xx"

Woman with pink hair
A stock image of a woman with pink hair. A Mumsnet user has shared how she was asked to dye her hair back to its natural color to be a bridesmaid. iStock

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