Internet Backs 'Childish and Petty' Woman for Outing Husband Skipping Birth

The internet has sided with a woman who outed her husband to his parents for not being there to witness the birth of his son in a new viral post.

In a submission to Reddit's popular forum, "AmITheA**hole," u/Laurens-House3044 receives over 11,000 upvotes and 1,500 comments defending her actions.

The 26-year-old Reddit user explains that her husband, Jerry, typically travels a lot in his line of work. Whenever he was out of town, his wife stayed with her in-laws, who adored her. "They say that I'm like the daughter they never had," she said.

Right before the due date, Jerry told her that he had to leave for business and was going to miss the birth since he would be away for 2 weeks. She wrote in her submission that if he asked for time off, his work would have given it to him due to the circumstances.

In a document by the United States Department of Labor, 9 out of 10 fathers do not work for some time with their newborns. 70 percent of dads take 10 days off for paternity leave to help care for their young children.

Jerry urged his wife to stay with her family post-birth since he was lying to his family about missing his son's birth and he didn't want the argument. He came up with a plan that he was "uncomfortable" with people seeing the baby and wanted the Redditor to be well-rested before guests visit.

When the in-laws came to visit once he returned from his business trip, they began asking questions about the birth.

"He said that I didn't stop complaining about everything and that I was being 'difficult' to everyone. I was shocked, his mom laughed and said all women are like that after the give birth but I told her that yes but not all men abandon their wives during one of their most difficult times and miss their first baby's birth over a work trip that could've easily been rescheduled," she wrote.

After the truth came out, the arguments started. Jerry and the original poster (OP) left immediately. On the drive home, Jerry called OP "childish and petty" for outing him to his family.

"He said that I had no right to even complain because it wasn't like he was on a vacation or golfing trip but was just working hard to be able to provide for us as the breadwinner and I should respect that and be thankful instead of stirring shit and trying to gain his parents sympathy while turning them against him."

OP began to cry while the argument went on. He called her "out of line." They haven't talked since. Reddit users were quick to defend OP.

U/janewilson90 wrote in the top comment receiving 22,000 upvotes, "NTA. So he was ok throwing you under the bus and saying you were being difficult and expected you to just go along with his lie!? He could have easily said 'you know it was such a whirl I can't really remember' and at least then he wouldn't have thrown you under the bus!"

u/superfastmomma agreed, adding, "NTA. What an incredibly immature asshole husband you got yourself. Lying so mommy and daddy don't get mad? Afraid to ask for time off for the birth of a child? Having his wife shuffle around other people's homes to keep up his lie."

"NTA. What else is he going to miss because he's 'providing' for his family?" u/Primary-Criticism929 said added. "Worst part is that he was making it out like you were a pain is the ass in the hospital... That was an asshole move. For me, that would make me reconsider being married to him."

Man and pregnant woman arguing
The internet has backed a woman who outed her husband to his parents for not being there to witness the birth of his child. Prostock-Studio/iStock / Getty Images Plus