Internet Backs Dad Pressing Charges Against Son's Ex-Girlfriend

A concerned father went viral after revealing he called the police on his son's 17-year-old ex-girlfriend and her older brother after they vandalized his son's new car by slashing the tires and covering it in glue and feathers.

The anonymous parent, who goes only by u/Wild-Spread-8713, posted to Reddit's popular "Am I The A**hole" forum and received more than 28,300 upvotes and 2,000 comments in less than 24 hours, with many saying the girl should be treated as an adult and face charges and potentially jail time.

In most states, when an individual younger than 18 commits a crime their case gets addressed in juvenile court and the consequences tend to focus less on punishment and more on rehabilitation.

But many of the users in the comments believed the girl's actions were too extreme for juvenile detention and that the only thing that would help her is jail time.

In the post titled "AITA for refusing to 'see other options' for a girl and pressing charges for what she did to my son's car?" the father, 39, explained that his 17-year-old son and their neighbor Lana, also 17, dated for a year before breaking up for unknown reasons in January.

"I won't sugarcoat this, I never liked Lana, she always seem a little unhinged, controlling and aggressive," the father wrote. "She's always demanding Bryce's attention."

He explained that Lana showed up unannounced at their house multiple times whether it was early morning or late at night because his son wasn't answering her calls or texts. He wrote that Lana would scream and call him a cheater when he wasn't.

"The thought of our son getting abused by his gf made us worried so much," the post read.

In the post, the father wrote that he and his wife tried to talk their son out of the relationship and that it wasn't normal or healthy. A little later his son and Lana broke up.

After the breakup, Lana did not attempt to contact the man's son, which he said was surprising because he expected her to "go nuts."

"Now the problem is that we bought my son a car for Christmas, nothing fancy but enough to get him to school, his job and eventually college, he parks it in our driveway outside our home," the post explained.

The father explained that ever since the month started, he's been finding random scratches all over the car, and he believed Lana was responsible. He also said he decided to move the CCTV cameras they owned so they faced directly at the car.

"Well, two weeks ago we got up and we found my son's car covered in a lot of s**t: paint, glue, feathers, confetti, the door handles were wrecked, flat tires, paint all over the windows, you get the picture," the post read.

The father said his wife and son were distraught and that they called the police.

"I handed them the CCTV that showed Lana and her brother [23M] destroying my son's car. We pressed charges and needles [sic] to say, Lana's brother went straight to jail, but since she's still a minor her parents want to make a deal but I refused," the post read.

The father wrote that he doesn't think Lana should "get a way out" and that before the police arrived she was "laughing" and trying to "play it cool."

"If she thought this was funny then she's old enough to face the consequences. My wife and I want to stand our ground, they said they'll buy my son a better car and put Lana on therapy but is not enough. AITA?"

Man on phone with police
A father went viral on Reddit after revealing he wants to press charges against his son's ex-girlfriend after she vandalized his new car. Many commenters said pressing charges would teach the ex-girlfriend a lesson. Chalabala/iStock

More than 2,000 users commented on the father's post, many supporting the father for making the right call and ensuring Lana finally faces consequences for her actions.

"NTA. This is the wake up call Lana, her brother and her parents need," one user wrote.

"If you cave, you're literally teaching Lana that no matter what criminal or sociopathic acts she does in the future, her parents will buy her way out of trouble," another user commented. "She needs to learn early there are consequences to criminal actions."

"Lana needs therapy. And press charges," another comment read. "Possibly since she is minor with mental health issues she may get steered in the right direction. But if you drop this, she gets a free pass and could go worse next time. Physical violence against an object [car] could escalate to physical violence against your son. I wouldn't want to take that chance."

But in many states, for a minor to be charged as an adult, a judge must decide based on the individual's offense, age, criminal record, and ability to be rehabilitated if they should face adult court.

In many cases, the minor's offense was serious enough to have caused serious harm or death to another person. However minor offenses such as a traffic violation or petty crime would most likely not be considered for adult court.

Newsweek reached out to u/Wild-Spread-8713 for comment.