Internet Backs Dad Who 'Ruined' Easter by Letting Daughter Choose Outfit

The internet has sided with a father who allowed his daughter to choose her own outfit for Easter despite his wife's wishes.

In a viral post published to Reddit's popular "AmITheA**hole" forum, a father under the name u/throwawayhusband13 shared his story about the argument that occurred between him and his wife. The post has over 9,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

The Reddit user and his wife, "Lillian," have five daughters between the ages of 3 and 17. Lillian's family has always liked to co-coordinate their outfits, especially for holidays for bonding purposes.

While his eldest daughter's taste is similar to his wife's clothing opinions and the younger ones go with the flow, his 13-year-old daughter, "Charlotte," has a different opinion on the outfits.

"[Charlotte] has started to get really self conscious about clothes and fashion, and her style is definitely different from her mother. This has caused some issues between them, but I've mostly convinced Lillian to allow her to dress herself as she wants," he wrote.

Clothes on hangers
A father took to Reddit's "AmITheA**hole" forum to get the thoughts of the community on his argument with his wife on allowing their daughter to pick her own outfit to wear on Easter. Liudmila Chernetska/iStock / Getty Images Plus

"Middle school and high school are some of the first opportunities teens have to develop their personal style," wrote Brandt Matthews on, "With this, experimentation is bound to occur. Not only is how you dress a large component in how your peers perceive you, it's also a crucial frontier for exploring one's identity."

Lillian had the idea for the family to look their best for their celebration by wearing Easter-themed clothes. While most of the family agreed with their mother's plan, Charlotte had other thoughts.

The Redditor wrote, "She didn't want to wear the Easter clothes because she felt it was too childish and ugly basically. They argued about it and it was both petty and going nowhere , so I intervened and basically allowed Charlotte to wear what she wants, as long as it's appropriate."

As the family party went on, things were going great as everyone had fun. However, Lillian's mother and sister commented on Charlotte's choice of outfit and made sure u/throwawayhusband13 and his wife knew about it.

Once they returned home from the party, Lillian snapped at her husband, demanding to know why he didn't agree with her that Charlotte needed to match with the family. Lillian accused the original poster (OP) of "ruining" Easter. He explained to the readers that he didn't see a big deal as it was just an outfit and his daughter shouldn't have to wear if it she doesn't like it.

Reddit users were quick to defend the OP in the comments,

"At a certain stage of their development, kids stop wanting to be their parents little dress-up mannequins and photo props and assert their individuality. As long as the clothes are appropriate for the situation, it shouldn't be a big damn deal. NTA," u/jlzania received the top comment with 18,000 upvotes.

U/photosbeersandteach said, "NTA. Your daughter is old enough to have a say in what she wants to wear. Your daughter was willing to wear clothing that was appropriate for the event, so it's unreasonable for your wife to expect her to be uncomfortable/self conscious all day to project this "image" of a happy family."

U/CrunchyCookies51 wrote in part, "Charlotte is 13, shes turning into a young lady and has her own mind, as you seem to understand. If her mum continues with this, dont be surprised if she rebels massively. Pretty much everything a parent does is embarrassing to a 13 year old, and making them dress in a certain way is most certainly high up there!"

"NTA. Your wife is being overly controlling," Ancient-Transition-4 exclaimed in part.

Newsweek reached out to u/throwawayhusband13 for comment.