Internet Backs Dog Owner Who Refused to Accommodate Woman's Allergy

Internet commenters were stunned after one dog owner recounted a recent confrontation they had at a pet-friendly restaurant.

In a viral Reddit post published on r/AmITheA**hole, Redditor u/Unique_Clothes7984 (otherwise known as the original poster, or OP) said they brought their dog along for a bite to eat, when they were confronted by a woman claiming to have a severe allergy.

Titled, "AITA for not leaving a restaurant I was at with my dog because a lady was allergic to dogs?," the viral post has received nearly 9,000 votes and 1,800 comments in the last 11 hours.

Writing that they have become a regular at a restaurant that allows dogs inside (on leashes and with valid vaccination records), u/Unique_Clothes7984 explained that they were enjoying a meal until they were interrupted by another restaurant patron's unexpected request.

"A lady approached me and told me she's allergic to dogs so if I don't mind, I should sit [in] the outdoor area of the restaurant," the original poster wrote.

"I told her this is a pet friendly restaurant," they continued. "She told me she's aware but still, since she's allergic, I should comply and get the dog outside."

After initially refusing to move outside, the Redditor said that the woman accused them of being disrespectful and threatened to call the police if they would not leave the restaurant with their dog.

"She said she's the one with the health issue so I'm the one who has to make the sacrifice out of respect," they wrote. "She started raising her tone at me and started threatening me that she'll get me kicked out and call the police on me."

"Some other restaurant customers got involved and told me I should just leave," the continued. "I then asked the waiter if I am supposed to leave and he said no...the lady called the restaurant manager...and he said the same."

Although animals other than designated service animals are largely unwelcome at American restaurants, u/Unique_Clothes7984 clarified throughout the viral post's comment section that they are located in Europe.

Pet policies at European eateries vary from country to country, according to The Ramble, a travel and lifestyle blog.

While some nations prohibit animals from legally being in restaurants, others like France, Italy and The Netherlands welcome their presence. In some cases, restaurants and other eateries even offer separate menus specifically for dogs and other pets.

Pet-friendly restaurants
Redditors were quick to defend one user who was berated for bringing their dog to a pet-friendly restaurant. Bogdan Kurylo/iStock / Getty Images Plus

In their viral Reddit post, the original poster specified that the dog-friendly restaurant they frequent does have a menu for pets, leading many commenters to question why somebody with a dog allergy would elect to dine there.

"Why would you go to a pet friendly restaurant which has a pet menu and therefore is a VERY HIGH chance that there will be...PETS there if you have an allergy to dogs?!," Redditor u/kato969 wrote in the post's top comment, which has received nearly 16,000 votes.

"I can't fathom some people's stupidity at times," they added.

Redditor u/erbear048, whose response has received more than 4,800 votes, echoed that sentiment.

"I think some people leave their house with the intention of starting a fight with people," they commented. "This woman was completely unreasonable and should have left once she saw the pet menu, knowing she had an allergy."

"You are fully within your rights to dine at a pet-friendly restaurant. She walked into one, fully knowing her own issues. She's nothing but a troublemaker," Redditor u/TrustedTriangle added, receiving more than 3,600 votes.

In a pointed comment, which has received more than 1,000 votes, Redditor u/Fit-Bear assured the original poster that the woman's allergy was not her concern, especially at a pet-friendly establishment.

"Her allergy is not your problem, it's hers," they commented. "She chose to go to a pet friendly restaurant and it's hella entitled of her to expect you to move."

"If she wants to keep away from your dog, she should have sat outside!," they added.

Newsweek reached out to u/Unique_Clothes7984 for comment.