Internet Backs Man Who Shared Neighbor's Rude Text in Group Chat

The internet has thrown its support behind a man who shared his new neighbor's expletive-laden text in a group chat with other residents in the area.

Reddit user u/Throwaway3907566 shared the post, which can be read here, in the 4 million-strong AmITheA**hole forum where he explained he had recently moved into a new neighborhood.

The man then explained his neighbor "Steve" had started "to get personally offended" when he declined to come to events following his long shifts as a nurse.

He said shortly after declining, Steve—who was described as conservative—started to spread rumors that he was antisocial and agnostic.

Stock image of an angry man
Stock image of an angry man holding a phone. The neighbor said he shared the rude text in a group chat. Getty

The user explained in his post: "I had a stern conversation with him in front of the other neighbors last week, telling him to leave me alone and stop complaining to the neighbors about me for no reason.

"He said something about how he was just making sure to include me in the events and also try to get me to avoid any violations about lights and pets. I said thank you, but that I need to be left alone."

Shortly after the user said Steve sent him an expletive-laden text where he berated the man for "calling him out" and told him to leave with his "pathetic dog."

The user added: "I was shocked that this type of word choice came from a religious dude like him. I had it I took a screenshot and shared it with the neighborhood group chat. there was silence on their end but Steve came over this morning lashing out about how I'm basically trying to ruin his reputation in the neighborhood and turn the neighbors against him by sharing a private text that only I was meant to see.

"He yelled about how he can't even show his face at the church. I argued with him then told [him] to f**** off and shut the door closed."

Since being shared on Saturday, May 28, the post had been upvoted some 13,700 times and attracted more than 1,100 comments.

According to a 2022 survey by online lending marketplace LendingTree, 73 percent of Americans dislike at least one of their neighbors. It said that 23 percent of Americans have called the police on their neighbors.

Unsurprisingly, many people sympathized with the nurse and shared numerous comments which berated Steve and also encouraged him to think about his personal safety.

One Reddit user said: "I would highly recommend you take measures to protect your safety. I'm getting some 'dateline episode in the making' vibes from this. Someone like this who is unstable and is easily embarrassed and prone to viewing himself as a victim is a serious problem waiting to happen. Please be careful and do not underestimate the kind of behaviors of which people are capable."

Another added: "I 100 percent guarantee he's not as 'well respected' as he claims and if I lived in that neighborhood I'd be getting out my popcorn for the entertainment and helping OP [original poster] set up some cams and stuff."

A third commented: "Even if he didn't start it, it's his fault for saying things that he wouldn't want others to know about, or that could damage his 'reputation'.

"It's similar to the whole 'if you don't have anything nice to say' thing. If you've got something to say, but you're concerned it's bad enough to ruin your image, then don't say such s***** things."

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