Internet Backs Man Who Chipped Neighbors' Dog's Poop Back Into Their Yard With Golf Club

In a hilarious Reddit post, a man claimed that he used a golf clup to chip his neighbors' dog's poop back into their yard. Though there are other, less disgusting ways a person can go about preventing someone else's dog from pooping in their yard, commenters loved this Redditor's creative solution.

"AITA [am I the a**hole] for chipping dog poop into my neighbor's front yard," Redditor u/ExplodedBrief asked in the popular Reddit forum "Am I The A**hole" on Thursday. Already, the post has collected over 10,000 engagements.

"I bought my house about three months ago," the post began. "When I moved in, I noticed there were a couple dozen lumps of dried dog doo on one side of my front yard. Before I mowed the first time, I went out and picked them up with a plastic bag over my hand."

The following day, the Redditor noticed that more had piled up. It didn't take long for him to discover that the source of the unwanted excrement was his neighbor's dog.

"I hardly knew my neighbors, so I was hesitant to approach them with this sort of issue right out of the gate," he explained. "I waited a couple of weeks, but I made sure to go out and pick up the poop while my neighbors were outside."

When the opportunity finally presented itself, he struck up a conversation with his neighbor and mentioned that the dog had been relieving itself on his lawn. According to the Redditor, his neighbor just laughed it off and blamed someone else's pet.

But the Redditor was sure his neighbor's dog was the culprit. So, he "trained" his video doorbell camera on the "poop zone."

"Within a week, I had a robust collection of video evidence incriminating my neighbor's dog," he said.

He then approached his neighbor's wife about the situation but she also denied it. That's when he decided to get creative.

"I pulled a pitching wedge out of my golf bag and proceeded to chip dog scat from my front yard into my neighbor's. Beyond solving my immediate problem, I could also work a bit on my short game," he said.

"This went on for some time. It became a weekly ritual that I sort of enjoyed. I did it without shame and in broad daylight," he continued.

One afternoon, the neighbor's wife ran outside and screamed at the Redditor. She also threatened to call the police.

"I tried to keep my cool and told her that I was simply returning what was theirs," he said. "I continued and finished up my chipping session."

He has yet to hear from the police but he did say that the dog has since stopped relieving itself in his yard.

As previously mentioned, there are a few other methods available to individuals who are trying to prevent someone else's dog from using their yard—and they don't require golf clubs.

Bloggers at M-Dog recommend that homeowners place a barrier in between their yard and their neighbor's. Barriers can include permanent or portable fencing or "displeasing" borders such as shrubbery.

"Doing so not only resists any four-legged trespasser but also adds charm to your terrain," they said.

Of course, homeowners seeking to install a fence should remember to check with their homeowner's association and/or local government office first.

Additionally, dog repellents such as motion-activated sprinklers, mothballs or non-harmful plants such as citrus can also be effective in detracting any unwanted K-9 visitors.

Though the Redditor's solution was certainly unconventional, commenters rushed to his defense.

"NTA [not the a**hole]. You were simply returning their property," said u/del901.

"They lied to his face and obviously dgaf [doesn't give a f**k] about having a good relationship. It's not on OP [original poster] to unilaterally play nice with people who trained their dog to poop in OP's yard. NTA," said u/mouse_attack.

"NTA. But get a fence," suggested u/EssexCatWoman.

"NTA. Excellent work, classic r/pettyrevenge fodder right here," added u/furstimus.

In a hilarious Reddit post, a man claimed that he used his golf clubs to chip his neighbors’ dog’s poop back into their yard. The man said he had video evidence despite his neighbor's denial. ArtMassa/iStock