Internet Backs Mom for Calling Boyfriend 'Useless' After Babysitting Mishap

The internet has defended a woman who called her boyfriend "useless" after a babysitting mishap in a new viral post.

A mom, u/Throwrauselessbf, posted to Reddit's popular "AmITheA**hole" forum to discuss what happened after she left her boyfriend babysitting her 4-year-old son for the evening. The post has 8,100 upvotes and over 871 comments.

The Redditor explained how she has been in a two-year relationship with her new boyfriend, but has a son from a previous relationship. She was planning on attending her sister's bachelorette party and needed a babysitter.

Her boyfriend insisted that he could just watch him for the evening. She was skeptical because she never left him alone with her child before, but ended up saying yes. Throughout the evening while she was gone, she tried calling him but got no response. Many texts and calls later, she left the party early to head home with an anxious mind.

"When I went inside my boyfriend and a bunch of his friends were in the living room playing games and drinking. There was alcohol EVERYWHERE. The only positive thing is that my son was in bed," she said.

Once his friends left for the night, she approached him to discuss what he did wrong. She explained to him that she didn't want people who were drunk around her child. He said he wasn't drinking but she said she could smell it on him.

"I told him he was f***ing useless and I'm never gonna trust him again," she admitted.

He claims that she is ungrateful and creating "unnecessary drama" and that he just wanted some time with his friends.

Couple arguing
A mom took to Reddit to explain her situation to the "AmITheA**hole" forum to see if she should consider herself the a**hole when she called her boyfriend "useless" for having friends over when he should've been babysitting her child. dragana991/iStock / Getty Images Plus

Typical duties of a babysitter can consist of interacting and playing with children, putting children to bed, feeding children meals, doing laundry and driving children to and from school or after-school activities. There are over 60,000 babysitters that currently have jobs in the U.S. where their salary begins at $30,000, according to Zippia.

In the top comment, Redditor u/mixalotl wrote, "NTA. He shouldn't have offered to babysit if he wasn't prepared to actually be responsible about it."

"NTA. So he f***ed up his first opportunity to fill a fatherly role, then said horrible things to you about it as if you had done something wrong? Jesus. He doesn't take you or your child seriously, you both deserve so so much better. The fact that it wasn't planned is somehow worse, he committed looking after the kid but drinking with buddies was too tempting he just had to say yes despite his current commitment," u/uhuhhoneyville wrote in part.

"NTA. If your son got hurt how is he going to drive him to the ER, while drunk? I think you have hit the massive red flag that it is time to get out," u/Talon1021 wrote.

U/tatasz chimed in the conversation, "NTA. He offered to babysit, he should have the decency of doing it right. Also he is TA for not answering your calls."

U/HeliosOh got straight to the point, "Congrats your son is still alive. Now dump your boyfriend."