Internet Backs Mom's Refusal To Cook and Clean for In-Laws at Christmas

A woman has taken to Mumsnet to share that she doesn't want to cook for her in-laws this Christmas and would prefer to stay home with her baby—and the internet has rallied round her in support.

Posting to the discussion-based site on December 7, under the account name Blueberrybabe, she started by revealing: "For the past three years I've gone to my in-laws for Christmas and I'm always the one cooking."

According to a survey done by the U.K.'s Office for National Statistics, women cook for an average of 63.82 minutes per day, in comparison to a total of 36.13 minutes for men. Therefore, it is likely that the brunt of festive meals are created by females.

The woman went on to explain that although her partner helps, she does the majority of all the cooking and cleaning, as well as buying all the food and prepping everything.

"Every Christmas is a very stressful day for me. I feel like a chef and a housekeeper whilst everyone is sitting down saying they are hungry and waiting for their food," she wrote.

The mother then added that last year she was exhausted and dinner was late because she kept having to stop to breastfeed her baby.

Therefore, she has told her partner that she's "not going there this year."

"My partner thinks I'm exaggerating as it's only one day so it shouldn't be an issue. But I don't see why we need to be the only one doing anything," she typed.

The Mumsnet user then asked: "Staying at home with my baby and making a meal for just me and my baby, and spending the day watching movies and relaxing sounds better. What does everyone think? Should I go regardless or stay at home?"

The story has gained lots of traction on the parenting forum, having received more than 170 comments, with many people in support of the woman's wishes.

One account holder, SunshineLane, wrote: "Your plan sounds amazing! Life is a lot less stressful when you put yourself first."

Another person, Chrysanthemum5, added: "Definitely don't go! I can't believe they were ok with you doing all that when you had a young baby! If it's just one day then your husband can do it all on his own without any help and you stay at home."

3luckystars revealed: "I wouldn't even go to EAT the dinner at their house, not to mind cook it. What did they do before you came along? It's your day too, you are meant to enjoy it. Stay home and enjoy your Christmas."

WorraLiberty opined: "I think I'd be spending many Christmases without your selfish husband and his parents, if I were you."

FlorenceWintle advised: "Tell the truth! 'I don't want to cook this year, it's too much work' Absolutely nothing they can say in response to that, that you can't counter with 'You do it then.'"

SirensofTitan typed: "You don't need us to decide for you, you need to explain to your husband why you don't want to go and stick to your guns."

Lalliella agreed, commenting: "Why on earth are you doing all the shopping and cooking? F**k that! Definitely stay at home."

Shoxfordian asked: "Why aren't your in laws cooking and hosting at their houses? Don't be a mug."

Woman and turkey
A stock image of a woman serving a turkey. On Mumsnet one mom has shared how she would prefer to stay home with her child than do all the cooking and cleaning for her in-laws on Christmas. iStock