Internet Backs Poster Who Quit Job Abruptly After Only Getting 1.75 Percent Raise

A Reddit post has gone viral after the poster revealed they abruptly quit their job after only receiving a 1.75 percent raise. It has garnered a lot of attention from people online who are backing the original poster (OP).

Redditor Not_A_Mouse_Today shared a post to the subreddit r/antiwork on December 31, which is titled, "My raise was 1.75 [percent], so I quit today."

They claimed they hadn't gotten a raise for two years straight, and that they were "promised" a 15 percent raise. However, the promise was a verbal one, and nothing was in writing.

"I tried talking to my boss about it, but he kept blowing me off," the Redditor explained about the situation. "So after he left for lunch today, I left my keys on his desk, clocked out and went to lunch. I texted him that I quit effective right now."

The OP claimed they were "doing the work of three people," which wasn't "worth the stress for $49,000 a year."

The Redditor admitted to being aware that losing them will "hurt" the company. Plus, they don't have another job to go to immediately, but they planned to start looking the following day.

Woman with box of belongings
A Reddit post has gone viral after a person said they quit their job after only receiving a 1.75 percent raise. Here, a woman carrying a box of belongings. PROSTOCK-STUDIO/GETTY

People are leaving their jobs in record numbers in what has been dubbed the Great Resignation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of people quitting their jobs increased in the month of November 2021 to a record 4.5 million, which is an increase of 370,000. "The quits rate," as it's called, has increased to 3 percent.

The post has been upvoted more than 68,000 times with 4,100 comments. People are rallying around the OP for quitting under the circumstances.

One Reddit user wondered what the OP's boss would have thought if they had just lied to them. "Probably would have fired you right?" they reasoned. "That's what he did to you so your reaction, IMO, seems logical and he should expect it."

Another user praised the poster. "OP fired the company instead," they said. "Good for them!"

A Redditor wished the OP luck. "The Great Resignation means actually treating people better not just talking about it," they also added.

One user called the 1.75 percent increase a "slap in the face."

While another user said the increase along with inflation is "like a 5 [percent] pay cut."

Another Redditor didn't mince words. "Even 15 [percent] is barely acceptable with inflation over the last three years," they expressed.

"Just sending good wishes and best of luck," another Reddit user wrote. "You did the right thing!"

While a Reddit user mentioned that when inflation rises 5 percent or more over a year and someone only gets a 1.75 percent increase "you are actually losing money."

Newsweek reached out to Not_A_Mouse_Today for comment.