Internet Backs Redditor Whose Brother Accused Them of 'Forcing Girlfriend to Get Abortion'

A Redditor was accused of "forcing" their brother and brother's girlfriend to undergo an abortion after they explained they wouldn't be able to live with the couple if they had their baby.

In a post published to Reddit's "Am I the A**hole" forum, Nlwile3f explained they allowed their twin brother, "Zack" and his girlfriend, "Kat," to move in with them.

"I just told them to chip in when they can and as long as I'm not paying for their food or anything like that it's chill for the time being," the Redditor wrote.

The living situation was in a good place and Nlwile3f noted that Zack and Kat planned to move out when Zack graduated, which was estimated to be in 2023.

"Now that wasn't much of an issue to me as they don't really have anywhere to go and I totally get not wanting to move back in [our] parents," the Redditor wrote. "The thing is tho [sic] is about a week back they revealed to me they were pregnant."

Nlwile3f continued and said that although they were excited for Zack and Kat, having a baby living in the same space would be difficult because the Redditor suffers from insomnia.

"So a crying baby would literally make my life hell on Earth," they wrote.

According to the Mayo Clinic, insomnia is a sleep disorder. Some of the symptoms outlined include difficulty falling asleep at night, not feeling well-rested after a night's sleep and daytime tiredness or sleepiness.

Although many adults may experience insomnia short-term, some people's insomnia can last months or even longer.

Nlwile3f spoke with Zack and Kat to get a sense of what the couple's plans will be after learning they were expecting.

"When I asked them what they were planning on doing they said they were going to keep it as Kat doesn't believe in abortion and they feel as if they'd make good parents [they definitely would, they're great people]," the Redditor wrote in the post.

The conversation ended that evening, but Nlwile3f asked what the couple planned to do as far as their living arrangements when the baby was born the next morning and said they knew about their sleeping condition. Zack and Kat said they didn't have anywhere else to go and planned to continue living with the Redditor.

"I told them that won't be happening for reasons stated earlier," the post read. "They both got very upset and accused me of 'forcing them to abort their baby.'"

The Redditor suggested they might be wrong for making Zack and Kat choose between housing and their child, but believed they were being reasonable.

A Redditor who said they have trouble sleeping claimed that they were accused of forcing their brother's girlfriend into getting an abortion. "They can have their baby, they just can't do it while living with you," said one commenter of the situation. Kate Aedon/Getty Images

Commenters chimed in to say that although they were sympathetic to the couple, Nlwile3f was not out of line for telling them that they could not live with them with a baby.

"You've stated your boundaries clearly and if that doesn't match up with her beliefs then they can find another way to manage," one of the top comments with more than 14,000 votes read. "You didn't sign up to [live] with their kid."

One commenter criticized Zack and Kat for expecting the Redditor to be OK with a major change to their living arrangement after already allowing the couple to stay with them.

"You aren't forcing them to do anything," another Redditor wrote. "They can have their baby, they just can't do it while living with you. If their family planning is based on being able to live with you rent free for the foreseeable future, then they can't afford to have a baby."

Others echoed the sentiment and even wrote that the couple is not doing enough to plan for their future if they have their baby.

"They're grown adults, they can work something out, it's not like you've said 'you have to move tomorrow,'" a comment read. "They've got several months to find a new place. Jumping straight to abortion is rather extreme on their part."