Internet Backs Son Who Says Parents Want Him to Move Back in to Save Face in Viral Post

A post has gone viral after an 18-year-old shared that his parents want him to move back in with them, after being expected to move out promptly after his 18th birthday.

Redditor u/Independent-Boot-789 wrote about the situation, and the events leading up to it, on the subreddit "Am I The A**hole" in a post that has been voted on over 11,000 times.

To start off the post, the young man gave context about what his experience was like growing up.

"My [18M] parents planned on being a child free couple, but because of religious beliefs they kept me even if I was an unwanted pregnancy," he wrote. "I don't remember when exactly I was told, but I always knew that I would be expected to move out as soon as I reached 18 years old."

He said that while his parents were emotionally distant, they were not abusive and provided for him financially.

Earlier this month Newsweek reported on another viral post where a child shared about their family dynamic and the repercussions they faced after wanting to move out.

A 20-year-old woman posted on Reddit to share her experience saying she has done most of the "child rearing" for all five of her younger siblings.

When her mother found out she was planning on moving out she told her she couldn't because she "won't be able to cope alone." She then called her daughter selfish.

For u/Independent-Boot-789, he said knowing the expectation was for him to move out, he had made plans to live with four other people in an apartment. But, after a friend's family heard about his situation, they offered him their furnished basement for just $150 per month.

"So I jumped at the opportunity even though I know it is a pity offer," he wrote. "It is relevant that both his family and mine are of Indian descent."

He wrote that shortly after moving out his parents invited him over for dinner. During dinner, his parents asked him to move back in to which he "politely" declined. He said after giving them his answer, his mother started to cry and left the room.

"[M]y dad started scolding me and saying that their friends are excluding them because of the 'rumour' [sic] that they threw me out and another desi family had to take me in," he wrote.

"I said that that was exactly what happened, and it isn't my job to save them from the consequences of their actions and decisions," the Redditor said.

Moving out
A Redditor shared in a now-viral post that he always knew it was expected that he would move out on his 18th birthday. Here, a stock image shows someone holding a new set of keys to a new apartment. lucigerma/Getty Images

Redditor u/Independent-Boot-789 told Newsweek over that he did not expect this response from his parent and in fact thought they would go low contact and only see each other on religious holidays. Since the dinner, he said, they have not spoken.

Commenters were quick to support the man saying his parents were only trying to clean up their image rather than really wanting their son back.

"NTA!! Sounds like their social standing is more important [than] how their child feels and since y'all are not even that tight from that sounds it is way better for you to be gone, you're probably finally able to even breathe!," one commenter wrote.

"NTA. Your parents did exactly what their friends are saying they did, and you moving back in will not actually change that," another person added. "Nor, I suspect, will it actually help them save face—your parents' friends aren't going to magically forget that they threw you out if you move back in!"

Newsweek reached out to u/Independent-Boot-789 for comment.

Updated 01/31/22 4:14 p.m. ET: This story is been updated to include comments from Redditor u/Independent-Boot-789.