Internet Backs Teen 'Berated' by Former Boss After Quitting Pizza Joint Job

A parent recently took to Reddit's "AnitWork" subreddit to post about the treatment of their 15-year-old stepdaughter after she quit a job at a pizza place making $11 per hour.

Redditor u/mmaddiktion wrote about the manager's odd behavior in a post that has now been voted on over 28,000 times.

The Redditor shared that their daughter received a job at a new company who wants her to start as soon as possible.

"After going back and forth about whether to give two weeks or not, she decided to quit without a notice due to the fact that the employees were treated so poorly by the manager," the Redditor wrote. "She wasn't scheduled to work for almost a week, so there would be plenty of time for her manager to find someone to cover her shifts."

The Redditor said that after her stepdaughter told her manager, a 30-year-old woman, the news, she "immediately began berating her about how unprofessional she was for not giving notice. Using emojis. Over snapchat."

From there, the manager allegedly began talking about the teen behind her back.

Over the course of 2021, in what has now been dubbed the "Great Resignation," more than 24 million people quit their jobs between April and September 2021, according to Business Insider.

Researchers from MIT found that the number one reason people quit was because of a toxic work environment.

"A bad boss won't just jeopardize your career growth—they'll also negatively impact your personal life," Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert, author, and leadership coach told Business Insider. "A good manager will bring out the best in you and have a more uplifting effect on all aspects of your life."

The Redditor said that a friend of their stepdaughter was in a group chat with her former manager and shared some of the rude things the manager was saying about the teen behind her back.

"[R]eferring to her as a 'little snot' and that 'she can go [f**k] herself.' Needless to say, she's pretty upset by the fact that a 30 year old woman is belittling her to her friends."

Commenters supported the teen telling the Redditor to report the incident to the owners.

Teens texting
A post has gone viral on Reddit after a parent shared how their stepdaughter was treated after quitting her job. Here, a stock image shows teenagers on their phones. monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images

The Redditor shared that although the restaurant is a chain, the manager's father owns the franchise so they're not sure how good it will do to reach out to him.

Others encouraged the parent to go above the franchise and take the matter to corporate.

"As someone who worked for a 'Corporate,' do it," one commenter wrote. "Corporate doesn't [f**k] around. Especially legal departments because we can get sued for not addressing a bad franchisee's behavior. Especially when employees are kids. It's true that the manager might not get fired but there will be financial implications for the owner."

"Not only go above that manager but also meet with her friends [sic] parents and inform them who their kids are working for. I truly believe they should know as well," said another.

Newsweek contacted u/mmaddiktion for comment.