Internet Backs Vegan Mom Refusing To Serve Meat to Non-Vegan Family at Christmas Dinner

A vegan woman has shared on Mumsnet how she wants to host relatives for Christmas dinner, but only if she doesn't have to cook any animal products—and many people on the internet are on her side.

Posting on the discussion-based forum on November 1, under the account name MrsCardone, the woman explained: "We are a completely vegan family and have been for a number of years.

"I am an amazing cook when I actually make the effort so am planning a nut roast but with all the usual Christmas Dinner trimmings and Christmas Pud, etc."

She then shared that despite this, she was concerned that "the lack of meat might ruffle a few feathers" because her family are "staunch meat-eaters who think we're going to die from malnutrition and make their views known at every opportunity."

The woman then explained that she had invited them for dinner a few years ago, but that they were insistent on bringing their own meat.

"But I just could not stomach sitting there eating with other people eating dead animals. They might as well be eating a dead dog, it repulses me that much. I find meat absolutely disgusting," she added.

The woman then ended the post by asking whether or not she should invite her family for Christmas.

According to a poll by cheese giant Applewood at the end of last year, which had over 2,000 participants, one in five people were planning to cook a fully vegan Christmas dinner.

That meant they would be making the meal entirely out of vegan products for all their guests, even if there was only one vegan present.

The woman's story is therefore hardly unique, but it still attracted more than 500 replies on Mumsnet, with people offering their advice and opinion, and many of them gave her their support.

One person, HermioneWeasley, wrote: "Invite them, explain the ground rules and don't be offended if they decline."

Another person, Sirzy, added: "As long as your clear when your inviting then I don't see an issue. They can always say no or just come for a visit without food instead."

ClaryFairchild agreed, typing: "Your choice, but make it clear to them. For some people a traditional Christmas meal is important and this gives them the choice to decline."

WeeTattieBogle revealed: "If I were eating with vegetarians or vegans I'd not expect them to serve meat and I'd be excited to try whatever they offered me."

However, a few people took the opposite stance including Flowers500, who stated that they thought it would be a bad idea, writing: "If you're thinking of trying to make it like the big family Christmas thing with lots of different family groupings joining, you're just going to be creating massive, massive drama."

Alldailydreamin commented: "It depends on whether you expect a fully fledged vegan dinner when you go to theirs?? I find it annoying when ppl have double standards on that to be honest...the "you must cater for me but I won't cater for you" attitude is not one I appreciate anyway...but that's just me."

Kiwi at Christmas
A stock image of some festive-looking fruit. A woman on Mumsnet shared how she planned to invite her meat-loving relatives to Christmas, but that she wants the meal to be entirely vegan. iStock