Internet Backs Wife Who 'Drained' the Joint Account To Get Back at Husband

A woman has taken to Mumsnet to share how she "drained the joint savings account" she shared with her husband, and the internet has rallied around her in support.

In the post shared to the discussion-based site by an account called JointAccountBye, the woman revealed that she had just had an argument with her husband about money.

Explaining what happened, she wrote: "We have separate accounts and a joint savings account. I don't feel he contributes enough to the household, he thinks he does."

"The joint savings account only I ever pay into. Literally I think he's paid about £30 (about $40) into it our entire marriage."

Despite this, the woman revealed that "whenever I say we need to pay for X can you send me X for it he'll say 'you've got money in the savings account' rather than just contribute himself."

She went on to add that this annoys her as she sees the savings money as her own.

The mom-of-one then admitted: "Tonight I've drained it. I've put it all in a savings account in my name only and when he says use the savings I'm going to tell him there's none left.

"He'll be pissed I'm sure as we were saving up for some stuff but I'm sick of it."

A survey conducted by TD Bank in 2014 found that 42 percent of couples who had joint accounts together also had their own separate accounts.

Additionally, Bank of America revealed in 2018 that 28 percent of millennials in relationships kept their banking entirely separate.

Nevertheless, the post, which was shared on January 18, has garnered lots of comments online, the majority supporting the story poster's sentiment.

One Mumsnet user, HeadToToesNo, wrote: "I think this sounds like a symptom of a really dodgy relationship..."

Another person, Conspiracyornotr, added: "Good on you I would do the bloody same he's taking the piss Xx."

ButtockUp typed: "That you've done this suggests that your marriage is skewed. A discussion is clearly needed as the way you've both been handling finances is untenable."

FFSFFSFFS stated: "I find it telling that you've described it as you feeling like you're still paying for ARE paying for everything. Awful situation."

Ipadflowers gushed: "Gosh that's really sad, he's really using you."

PurpleDaisies commented: "It sounds like you need a proper, grown up conversation about how your finances aren't working at the moment and how to change that going forward.

"I'm not sure just changing the name on your savings will help."

Piggy bank
A stock image of a woman putting money in a piggy bank. On Mumsnet, one woman revealed how she has drained the joint account in reaction to her husband not pulling his weight. iStock