Internet Backs Woman Branding Mother-in-Law 'Racist' Over Sly Comments

The internet has backed a woman who branded her mother-in-law a "racist b****" over "sly" comments about her children and Black people.

Reddit poster u/Sad-Investigator-218 shared her account in the 3.7-million-member-strong r/AmItheA**hole subreddit group.

The Black woman, 32, explained her 34-year-old white husband's mother had repeatedly made racist comments, including about an Asian cashier's eyes and her own grandchildren.

After revealing she was pregnant, the woman said her mother-in-law, who she called Lisa, said she hoped the child would have blue eyes and claimed she was upset when her daughter was born with brown eyes.

The woman said her mother-in-law also made an offensive comment when her grandson was born: "Lisa did not even try to hide her disappointment, my son was born with hazel eyes and his hair is also tighter than his sister's.

"She made a sly comment saying 'you can't have everything' insinuating that my daughter was blessed to have lighter skin and looser hair and my son was blessed to have 'pretty' eyes."

When the poster brought it up with her husband of six years, she claimed he "brushed it over" and said his mother was "a product of her time."

But the tension between the family members spilled over at a party the couple hosted to celebrate their anniversary.

The final straw for the woman came when her mother-in-law introduced her as her "Black daughter-in-law" to her friends.

After the woman pulled Lisa to one side and told her to stop, the mother-in-law snapped back: "You're my daughter-in-law and you're Black, you people are so sensitive."

In a moment of anger, the woman called Lisa a "racist b****."

The woman claimed after she made the comment, "everyone" at the party turned against her and that she and her husband later argued about the point she made.

Following the argument, the woman said her husband later went to stay at his mother's house.

Unsurprisingly the post attracted hundreds of comments and was upvoted more than 16,600 times since it was uploaded on Sunday.

Many of those commenting backed the woman and believed the mother-in-law had behaved in a racist way.

One Reddit user said: "NTA. We don't apologize to racists. But it's very concerning that your husband doesn't see this."

Another added: "Even more concerning that he (the husband) went to go stay with mommy dearest after point-blank defending her racism. Absolutely unacceptable."

A third commenter posted: "If racism can be excused as being a product of her time, then can't OP (original poster) standing up for herself be excused as also being a product of her time? Husband is spineless and needs to stand up at least for her kids."

But others tried to understand the son's behavior, adding: "I wouldn't say that. He probably isn't racist. He is just blind to the realities of what is going on. He needs to understand it. He has two mixed kids. They will need him to understand."

Newsweek has contacted u/Sad-Investigator-218 for comment.

According to a 2019 study by the Pew Research Center, 69 percent of Black Americans said being white helped people get "ahead" in the U.S. A large number of Asian participants in the study agreed, with 73 percent of respondents approving of the statement.

The report also found that Black people were more likely to say they were treated less fairly than white people, including when seeking medical treatment and voting in elections.

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Stock image of a woman sitting on a bed. A woman on Reddit complained her mother-in-law was racist. Getty

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