Internet Backs Woman Who Discovered Wedding Ring Belonged to Husband's Ex

A woman has taken to Mumsnet to share that her husband lied about proposing with the same engagement ring he used for his ex girlfriend—and the internet is outraged.

Posting to the discussion-based site on November 28, the woman, who goes by the account name Ring222, explained that she had been married to a husband a couple of years and they had one child.

Over the years she had always had suspicions that the ring her husband proposed with "was the one he gave his ex", who is also the mother of her stepchild.

She revealed: "I knew he had the ring still when we first met as he found it when we were getting rid of a lot of stuff when moving in together."

"This was about 7 years ago now! The ring sort of disappeared and he said he'd just gotten rid of it."

The woman went on to add that she did wonder about what he did with it, and he "skirted around" the topic when asked.

She continued: "I asked him outright a few months later and he said absolutely not, he got mine from X shop in a town near us and went specifically with a friend to choose it etc etc.

"Anyway, long story short, it's come to light now that it is the same ring."

The Mumsnet user ended the post by asking the forum heir opinion and also explaining that she is very upset by the discovery, writing: "I'd have been happy with anything.

"But I'm upset that he lied and tbh I am upset that it's the ring he gave another woman too.

"I'm embarrassed as well in a way, this is the mother of his kids, who hasn't been the kindest to me, god knows if she has spotted it but if so it makes me cringe. It's the kind of thing she'd take pleasure in knowing that I don't realise."

The disgruntled mom's story has attracted over 300 messages of advice and support on the site, with most people outraged with the husband's treatment of her.

One Mumsnet user, Starrynight87, wrote: "I would be hurt too, from the lie and the gesture."

Another person, AFS1, added: "It would really bother me too. I don't think you're being unreasonable."

EerieSilence revealed: "I would be p***ed off. He could have sold it off and buy you a new one or have this one altered but definitely, recycling a ring is a big no and I am not a big jewelry person, in fact my ring was about 500 quid or something. But it was new."

Frazzledasarock admitted: "I'd feel the same. He sounds lazy and thoughtless at best. Go to the jewellers and get it swapped for something you want, add in some money and get it upgraded."

Interrobanger opined: "That's awful. Not only is he a cheap b***ard but he lied and lied and lied to your face. I'd find that very difficult to get past."

DreadingChristmasAlready shared: "I don't think you're being unreasonable at all. The lie and the ring are both acts of an arsehole in my view."

American tradition dictates that an engagement ring should cost as much as a two-month salary, however this idea was originally a marketing tactic started by De Beers diamonds in 1947.

According to data from data from The Knot, the average engagement ring price in the U.S was $5,900 in 2019.

woman looking at ring
A stock image of a woman looking pensively at an engagement ring. On Mumsnet a woman shared her discovery that her ring was not originally purchased with her in mind. iStock

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