Internet Backs Woman for Making Injury-Prone Husband Walk Home From ER

A woman has gone viral after she posted about a recent fight with her husband in Reddit's popular "Am I The A**hole" forum. In the post, she explained that she was driving her husband home from the hospital after he injured his wrist and after a fight ensued, she kicked him out of the car and made him walk home.

The post, published by a woman known only as u/55mphAl00 on Reddit, garnered more than 10,000 votes and 1,500 comments since it was posted on Sunday.

In the post, u/55mphAI00 explained that her husband, 30, was accident-prone and that he recently injured his wrist.

"He gets injured easily due to not being careful with what he does," the Redditor wrote. "He used to drive but he totaled his car same time this past year."

She also explained that her husband was the type of person that was unable to handle minor pain or discomfort and that it stemmed from "childhood traumas." Redditor u/55mphAI00 said she drove her husband to the hospital after he asked her to because his wrist was causing him a lot of pain.

She said they had a doctor look at his wrist and he was given pain medication. In the post, she wrote that although he was given medication at the hospital, her husband was "huffing and puffing" about the pain and eventually began negatively commenting on her driving.

Although she wrote that she was getting annoyed, u/55mphAI00 said that she chose to ignore her husband and turned on the radio.

"He then told me he hated this singer and I needed to change the station or turn the radio off but I refused since this is my favorite song and asked him to respect me as the driver," the post read.

The Redditor said her husband turned off the radio but she turned it back on and told him to "respect the driver." She said at that moment, her husband pulled her car registration out of the glove compartment, rolled down the window, and threw them outside.

"I was freaking out asking what tf he was doing and he kept saying I caused him to do this and that I could get them replaced later," she wrote.

She said she immediately pulled over and told her husband to get out of the car and walk home.

"He was looking at me asking if I was serious and pointed out how far we were from home and he had no money for a cab," the post read. "But I said it wasn't my problem and argued with him for a few minutes as he went on about how sick and unwell he was and couldn't walk this distance home."

She said her husband eventually got out of the car and she was able to drive away and find her registration documents. She explained that although she found the papers and that "no damages were done," she was still shaken up by the incident.

Redditor u/55mphAI00 wrote in the post that her husband arrived home at 11 p.m. and that they immediately started arguing about how she made him walk home even though he was "sick." She wrote that he threw up a few times on the walk home.

She said that her husband explained that she "clearly had no regard for his feelings" because she did not turn off the song even though he was in "intense pain." In the post, she said her reply was that his reaction was wrong even though he was not being rational due to the pain.

She said her husband insisted that she was vicious toward him at one of his "lowest moments" and said he was "afraid" of being sick around her because of how she treated him while he was "incapable of fending for himself."

"He basically stopped talking to me after that and told his family what I did," u/55mphAI00 wrote. "They've all been side-eyeing me saying I have anger issues and no empathy."

In the comments, many came to the Redditor's defense, saying she reacted rationally considering her husband's behavior. Others called out his behavior as a red flag and some questioned the type of medication he was prescribed at the hospital.

In an update, u/55mphAI00 wrote that she wasn't sure what type of medication her husband was given but that it was something "to relieve the pain."

According to Mayo Clinic, tolerance to painkillers can be a result of long-term opioid use and can commonly lead to dependence and, in some cases, addiction. They recommend working with a doctor to find alternative medications.

"This isn't just a red flag. This is a bright red bat signal lighting up the night sky," one user commented. "Any time a dude harms you or your stuff and says 'you made me do that' you need to LEAVE that relationship. He did it, because he chose to do it, because he wants to punish you and control your behavior. This is cannot salvage this situation...the kind of person who decides to treat their partner like that is garbage. Do not stay with garbage."

Others were quick to mention that her husband was being manipulative and that she should divorce him. Some also thought that her husband's irritability stemmed from dependence on the medication as well as the pain.

Couple fighting in car
A woman posted on Reddit about how she threw her injured husband out of the car after he angrily tossed her car's registration out of the window because he was in pain and did not like the music she was playing during the ride. Here, an iStock image of a couple fighting in a car. iStock

"Every person I've ever known who was 'prone to accidents' like this was self-injuring to try and justify a prescription for pain meds," one user wrote.

In a comment, u/55mphAI00 explained that her husband's "problem" has been with medication not giving him an "instant" effect.

According to the Addiction Center, a warning sign of painkiller addiction includes an intense craving for drugs and visiting multiple doctors in order to obtain more prescriptions. Another warning sign is impulsive decision-making.

"He at some point abused his medication from a previous injury and it caused issues," u/55mphAI100 clarified in the comments.

She also explained in the comments that her husband tended to be quite dramatic about his injuries.

"I dated an opiate addict for ten years and every detail about your story has my addict senses tingling," another user commented.

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