Internet Backs Woman for Not Letting 'Petty' Cousin Wear Her Wedding Dress

The internet defended a woman who would rather keep her wedding dress, made by her late mother-in-law, for her daughter rather than let her cousin alter or copy it and wear it on her wedding day.

Submitted to Reddit's infamous "AmITheA**hole" forum, u/DressTheBest, wanted the opinions of the community on whether she was in the wrong for refusing to let her cousin wear her wedding dress down the aisle.

The Redditor explained that when she got married 5 years ago, her mother-in-law made her dress but suddenly passed away in a tragic car accident. Her husband and she were planning to save the dress for their daughter when she married.

In an article from The Knot, couples spent around $28,000 on their wedding in 2021, $34,000 if the couple included the price of an engagement ring. Dresses rank pretty high on the list of expected expenses.

u/DressTheBest's cousin Gigi loved the dress and insisted on having the OP (original poster) let her wear it for her special day. Gigi's mother and the original poster's OP's grandmother also agreed that it's her dream dress and she has to wear it.

"Gigi is not my size (much larger boobs and hips) so the dress would have to be majorly altered. My husband said "no" he wants to have our daughter wear it when she's grown up and have it altered for her or turned into a vail," U/DressTheBest explained.

They argued that their daughter's wedding wouldn't be for years (since she's still young) and that she should lend it to Gigi. Since refusing, Gigi has turned "petty" and uninvited OP's side of the family to the wedding.

"She told her that I'm costing her thousands of dollars because she's had to pay for dress to look like mine," u/DressTheBest wrote. "She's also mad because I won't lend her my dress to have it copied because I 100% don't trust her with it."

The Reddit user admitted that her grannie and aunt have "banned her from their lives" and cut off from ever being invited to anything they host, as well as the OP's mother.

The commenters were quick to comment NTA (not the a**hole).

"NTA. They are being ridiculous, however, please don't pressure your daughter to wear it when she's older. She deserves her own dream," U/Peasplease25 received the top comment with over 12,100 votes.

U/Downtown-Trouble-71 gave the Redditor some advice saying, "NTA. She is only entitled to what she can AFFORD! I would caution you to make sure you place your dress in a very secure place. You don't want them showing up to "visit" only to later discover they stole your dress."

"NTA. They aren't entitled to use your stuff and you plan to pass it down to your daughter. What if they spill something on it or something that ruins it for your daughter?" u/cstamin wrote. "I would understand them asking if they were related to MIL but they aren't and they have no connection to it past "want" which is not enough."

Woman in wedding dress
A woman submitted her post to Reddit's "AmITheA**hole" forum to get the opinions of many if she should be considered the a**hole for not letting her cousin wear her wedding dress for her wedding. MaximFesenko/iStock / Getty Images Plus