Woman Refuses To Clean Up While Men Watch Thanksgiving Football, Receives Wave of Support

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means fans of turkey and football can rejoice.

However, one woman has had enough of the annual routine in her household: the men eating dinner and then lying on the sofa to watch NFL games without helping her to clean up.

So, this year, she has launched a boycott, posting on Reddit to say she will be "refusing to do the cleanup while the men watch football"— and many online are in total agreement.

Posting to the forum TwoXChromosomes, which is about female perspectives, an account called Iceariina said: "Enough is enough. It is 2021.

"It's time for men to get in the kitchen and do some damn dishes themselves."

She added: "I just know tomorrow, many women will end up cleaning up all the food they probably also made by themselves, or mostly by themselves, while the guys chill out and don't lift a finger to help.

"And I'll hear the excuse 'You don't even like football!' Not the point. You think I like doing dishes? Putting food away? Half of football is commercials anyway so get your ass in the kitchen and f***ing do some dishes, a**hole."

For the 15th year in a row, the NFL is offering three live games on TV on Thanksgiving, taking place in Detroit, Dallas and New Orleans.

Additionally, according to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, in the U.S., women spend on average four hours per day doing unpaid housework, as opposed to just 2.5 hours a day for men.

As a result, many Redditors could relate to Iceariina's lament. Since her message was posted on November 24, it has garnered more than 20,100 upvotes and over 2,300 replies.

Some of the commenters shared tips for avoiding the brunt of the holiday chores. Melibel24 wrote: "I don't serve dessert until the kitchen and dining room are cleaned up and food stored away. I can't relax with that level of chaos. Everyone helps so it doesn't take too long and by then we're ready for dessert."

Redditor person, Clover_1414, shared her own tale of woe: "I told my husband that he was in charge of the turkey this year (we have a new smoker).

"His response: What are YOU going to do then?!? Apparently all the sides, hors d'oeuvres, desserts, etc. magically appear? And we have a self cleaning kitchen?"

An account called PusheenKittyPillow revealed that she had done the majority of the housework on Thanksgiving for years—until she "had our five year child assist with clearing the table."

"Watching a five year clear and scrape plates and help load the dishwasher was enough to shame the rest of the family into participating in cleaning up."

InannasPocket wrote: "Ugh. I remember this in my extended family growing up. And as a girl, it was expected I help, while my boy cousins got off the hook.

"Thankfully neither my mom nor my MIL tolerate that sort of thing anymore and neither would I. Did you eat the meal? Are you 2 years old? Physically capable of walking and carrying things? Congratulations, you get to help clear up."

Update 11/27/21 5:52 a.m. ET: This article was updated with more information.

Woman washing a plate
A stock image of a woman wearing an apron and holding a dirty plate. On Reddit one woman has shared how she won't be doing the dishes this year on Thanksgiving just because the men want to watch the football. iStock