Internet Backs Woman Seeking 10 Years of Unpaid Child Support From Her Ex

In a now-viral Reddit post on the forum, "Am I The A**hole," a woman under the username u/DizzyVegetable8706 wrote that she was pursuing about $70,000 in owed child support from her ex after over 10 years of not paying.

"My ex left for someone else when my kids were young [5M and 2M]," the post read. "He paid child support until he was medically released from the military in late 2011. Since then he hasn't paid a penny."

The post went on to explain that anytime she requested help from her ex he told her that he had no money even though he gets paid $2,000 a month from Veteran's Affairs and currently has a stable job.

The woman explained that she granted him extra visitation time with her sons because she wanted them to have a strong relationship with their father. But recently, her ex had a conversation with the poster's husband about how he doesn't think he owes them any money.

"My ex said that he doesn't owe anything, morally or legally," the post explained. "He said I should file through the state so they can tell me to my face he doesn't owe [his words]. I talked to my kids [now 19 and 16] and got their go ahead and filed. The state will be pursuing about $70k in back support plus current support for the 16yo."

In the United States, child support is an obligated payment of money for the custodial parent or the parent with who the child lives for the majority of their time. Noncustodial parents are responsible for paying child support until the child turns 21 years old. When custody is equally shared, both parents are considered custodial parents and neither are responsible for paying child support.

While child support laws vary by state, the amount of child support a parent owes the custodial parent depends on how much their annual income is. For example, in New York, the state takes 25 percent of the parent's combined income for two children and about 17 percent for one child.

The woman explained in the post that she understood $70,000 was a lot of money and that her ex and his current significant other currently have a few kids living with them.

"This will put a huge financial strain on them," DizzyVegetable8706 wrote. "So AITA?"

Many Reddit users came to the woman's defense saying she was generous for not filing for child support for so many years. Others thought it was funny that her ex was the one who told her to file with the state.

"She's doing as he suggested, is the best part of this," user thistleandpeony commented on the post. "The man really should have just kept his mouth shut."

Woman Asks For 10 Years Child Support
A woman took to Reddit to ask if making her ex pay child support after 10 years was the wrong thing to do. She said in the post that he owed more than $70,000, but users commented that it would end up being even more than that total. zimmytws/Getty Images

In an edit made to the post, the Redditor mentioned that she didn't pursue support prior to this incident because her ex did not have a stable job and she didn't want to put her children in the middle of the situation.

"They would have been made to feel guilty for everything they had," she clarified in the update. "My ex and his family would have told them that I was being greedy and didn't really need the money and so now their dad and his household were doing without because of us. I didn't want my kids involved in that drama, so I just worked more to make it happen."

Over 969 users commented on the woman's post, with the majority of them in support of her decision. Some explained their similar situations and others mentioned that the amount he owed would probably be more than she estimated.

"He still owes 1-2 years of active support for the 16 year old," one user wrote. "So it's gonna end up as more than $70k. What a muppet."