Internet Backs Woman Who Got Estranged Husband Fired From Job: 'Karma'

Reddit users raced to praise a woman whose estranged husband was fired from his job after he arrived unannounced at her workplace and demanded child support money for his mistress's child.

In a Reddit post titled, "AITA [Am I The A**hole] for having my husband fired?" Reddit user u/throwawayworkcheat shared her experience with people in the 3.5 million-strong group on Wednesday.

As of this morning, the post was upvoted some 16,600 times and has attracted more than 1,480 comments.

Beginning her post, the woman, 29, said she had been separated from "Richard," 34, for three years, but had not divorced as she described it as "expensive" to do in the U.K.

She claimed Richard, who she claimed to have taken a restraining order against, "lives with his mistress" and has a child with her "that was conceived when we were still together."

The woman then shared the event that resulted in Richard and his current partner being fired from their job.

She said: "Richard decided to show up at my work with his kid and demanded to see me for 'child support' money since we are still legally married.

"As my employer is aware of the situation, the reception refused to tell him if I'm in the office or not (I was) and asked Richard to leave."

The woman said reception "threatened" to call the utility company where he and his partner worked.

U/throwawayworkcheat added: "So long story short, him [he] and his mistress were fired with immediate effect as Richard showing up at my work has been seen as gross misconduct."

She added: "Since they were fired I'm getting calls from unknown numbers of various Richard's/ his mistress's family members and friends saying I'm responsible for it, and just a jealous a**hole for getting them fired to get Richard back."

Reddit users quickly rushed to the comment section and flooded it with supportive messages for the original poster.

One said: "A guy you have a restraining order against showed up at your job, made a scene and got fired. You're obviously NTA [not the a**hole]."

Another added: "NTA. And if I were you I'd buy that receptionist some flowers."

A third commented: "Best karma story I've seen on Reddit. He played a stupid game and won his prize! You are NTA obviously."

According to the U.K. Government, people seeking a divorce must pay £593 ($807), which can then go ahead in England and Wales if the relationship has permanently broken down, have been married for over a year, and if the marriage is legally recognized in the U.K.

Bromfield Legal Solicitors said there are instances where a person does not need their spouse's cooperation in order to be granted a divorce.

The legal firm said: "For instance, if you have been separated and living apart for five years or more, as mentioned above.

"You also do not need their cooperation if you are basing the divorce on your spouse's unreasonable behavior.

Stock image of man after being fired
Stock image of man after being fired. "Richard" was fired from his job after he appeared at the woman's workplace. Getty