Internet Backs Woman Who Locks Husband out of Main Bathroom Every Morning

The internet has come to the defense of a woman who said in a now-viral post that she locks her husband out of their main bathroom every morning.

Posting to Reddit's "Am I The A**hole" forum on Monday under the username u/FantasticNiffler544, the woman explained that her husband "sits on the toilet and plays games for at least 30 minutes, usually 45."

The post has received more than 7,900 up-votes and over 1,200 comments.

At the beginning of the post, the woman explained that her husband recently started a new job that allows him to work from home full-time.

"Before my husband got his new job, he got up 2 hours before me, so I never noticed how incredibly long he takes in the bathroom in the morning. Not to get ready, but to poop and play games on his phone," she wrote.

"Now that he works from home, he doesn't have to get up as early and usually gets up the same time as me."

Because he takes so long in the bathroom, the woman said she finds herself rushing to get ready for work.

"I've asked him several times if he could either use the bathroom downstairs or if he could go poop after I'm done getting ready since he doesn't start work till 9:30 [or just not play games on the toilet for 30 minutes straight]," she said.

But her husband doesn't want to use the downstairs bathroom because it's "cold." She added that she can't use the downstairs bathroom because it doesn't have outlets, which she needs to use her hair tools.

She suggested adding a makeup and hair table in their bedroom, but her husband turned the idea down because "hairspray would get on the bed and the carpet."

"Somehow we weren't able to find a solution to this super simple problem. So I started setting my alarm 10 minutes earlier than him and just locked myself in the bathroom until I'm done getting ready," she said.

Her husband has since started using the downstairs bathroom, but told the woman that she was being an "a**hole."

"Like what else am I supposed to do?" she asked Reddit.

To prevent the type of conflict u/FantasticNiffler544 is experiencing with her husband, Bustle—an online women's magazine—previously recommended that couples create a "get ready system."

"You might take showers at night so that your partner can take one in the morning. You might each time your showers to only be a few minutes so that you both have time at the start of the day," wrote Bustle. "Remember to compromise and celebrate that you live in the same place as the person you love."

CBS Sacramento also reminded those sharing a bathroom to be as respectful as possible of the other person and their time.

"Regardless of how close you are to your roommate or how much you love your spouse, lack of common courtesy and respect in the bathroom will cause strife. Clean up after yourself, replace used items such as hand towels and empty toilet paper rolls, respect privacy, and avoid going over your allotted bathroom time. Also, be flexible and maintain a sense of humor," said the station.

Considering that u/FantasticNiffler544 offered a few potential solutions to the problem before resorting to locking her husband out of the bathroom, Redditors felt she was in the right.

"NTA [not the a**hole]. He's being childish and exhausting and forcing you to get up earlier than necessary because he's inconsiderate," said u/bunnybunnybiscuit.

"NTA, you have a legitimate need for that space and he doesn't. He's behaving like a child. If he wants to poop and play on his phone then he can get up earlier to give you time to get ready," wrote u/poles-are-toys-too.

"1000% NTA! He does NOT need to take up that time and you have offered MORE than reasonable solutions," commented u/SetiG.

Redditor u/0biterdicta added: "NTA. Getting ready for work takes precedent over playing games. He can do his business, then go sit somewhere else in the house that's sufficiently warm and has reception for him. If he needs to sit on the toilet for that long just to do his business, he should talk to a doctor."

Couple in bathroom
The internet has come to the defense of a woman who said in a now-viral post that she locks her husband out of their main bathroom every morning. The Redditor said her husband is not only doing his business but is also using the time to play games on his phone. bernardbodo/istock