Internet Backs Woman Who Refuses to Be Best Friend's MOH Over Fiancé Invite Snub

When putting a guest list together for a wedding, a couple may find it difficult to find spaces for plus-ones for their guests. A woman posted to the Subreddit "Am I the A**hole" to seek the opinions of her fellow Redditors of whether she was wrong for bowing out of her best friend's wedding party as the maid of honor after she learned that her fiancé would not be invited.

The Redditor, who goes by MadMOH2710, wrote in her post with 17,000 votes that she has been dating her fiancé for 10 years, and the two are expecting a child together. They're planning to get married in January and her best friend and her future husband were invited.

MadMOH2710 noted that her friend has been with her future husband for about a year and became engaged after about six months. She said she was asked to be the maid of honor and the wedding was going to include more than 200 guests.

"Naturally I assumed my fiancé would be invited, my best friend has known him for 10 years and they're also friendly," she wrote. "Most of our friends are married so their spouses get an automatic invite. I assumed my fiancé would be invited too but my bff decided to notify me that he's not invited, literally yesterday during a chat we had and I told her about the suit my fiancé bought."

MadMOH2710 continued and wrote that her friend said only married and long-term couples were invited to the wedding. She said that she didn't invite her fiancé because she didn't view their relationship as "valid" and didn't believe it was strong enough to last.

After the Redditor told the bride that it wasn't up to her to decide whether her relationship was valid or not, the bride stood firm on her decision and said she didn't want a guest's ex-partner in her wedding photos.

MadMOH2710 ultimately decided to drop out of the wedding but heard from their mutual friends that she should have respected the bride's decision.

Bridal Bouquet
Redditors weighed in on a woman's decision to drop out of her role as her best friend's maid of honor after the woman's fiancé was not invited to the wedding. The bride-to-be allegedly said she didn't feel her maid of honor's relationship would last. Leonardo Fernandez/Getty Images

However, many commenters supported the Redditor's decision to step down from her role and even suggested skipping the wedding altogether.

"Don't go to her wedding," one commenter wrote. "And don't say you respect her decision. It's not worth respecting."

The commenter continued and wrote that the bride insulted MadMOH2710, her fiancé and their child.

"That is so pointlessly cruel from someone supposed to be your friend," they wrote.

Another wrote that MadMOH2710 would disrespect her partner if she chose to go to the wedding.

"It would mean she respects and accepts her [friend's] belief that her relationship is flimsy regardless of being MoH," they wrote.

Others suggested this was something that could potentially end a friendship.

"I'm usually against the advice on this sub to do something extreme such as ending friendships, divorcing, no contact, etc. for problems that could be worked out in many other ways," a Redditor wrote. "In this situation, ending the friendship is the correct move. She has shown her true colors and has revealed that she does not respect you, your significant other and your relationship."

According to an article published to, there are a few ways for a couple to approach their wedding guest list and plus ones. It stated that family and the wedding party are the couple's "wedding-day VIPs" and are entitled to the additional perks.

"In their case, it doesn't matter whether they're seeing someone new, in a long-term relationship, or just want to bring a friend along—they should have first dibs on extra seats at the table," the article read.