Internet Backs Woman's Petty Parking Spot Revenge on Neighbor

The internet is applauding a woman's revenge on one of her neighbors over parking spot drama in the complex where she lives.

The Reddit post, which has garnered 12,600 upvotes, is titled, "Male Karen yells at me for being in 'his spot.' Fine, it's my spot now." Redditor @xiinya shared the post to the subreddit "Petty Revenge" where it has received over 300 comments since it was shared on June 22.

Revenge, which is an action carried out by harming another for a wrong, is a common emotion that is oftentimes thought to provide catharsis when in actuality, researchers have uncovered it ends up prolonging the feelings associated with the wrong, according to the website Science of People.

The nonprofit organization Knowable Magazine spoke with psychologist Michele Gelfand, who says revenge involves negative and positive feelings. "The classic idiom 'revenge is sweet' does have some empirical support—neuroscience research shows that reward centers in the brain are activated when people are just thinking about taking revenge, and people forecast that they are going to be happy after seeking revenge," Gelfand explained. "But other research shows that this is short-lived and that people are often not as happy as they thought they would be. In that sense, revenge can be thought of as bittersweet, involving positive and negative feelings."

Woman in car
The internet is backing a woman's petty parking spot revenge on her neighbor. ANTONIO_DIAZ/GETTY

The Post

The original poster (OP) works from home full-time, and doesn't drive unless it's for grocery shopping or when she's "out for an appointment." In her complex, there are "non-reserved" and "reserved" spots that are located in the underground garage. However, none of them are assigned.

"As long as you have a 'reserved' sticker on your vehicle, any of the 'reserved' spots (which are all labeled 'reserved') are fair game," the woman explained.

She has a non-reserved sticker since it's $40 cheaper, and was coming from an appointment when the situation went down. She turned into her neighbor's "reserved" spot so she could back her car into an "open, non-reserved spot" behind her.

"Lo and behold, male Karen in his rusty 2007 Rav4, starts honking at me for being in 'his spot,' telling me that 'I can't park there' because I don't have a 'reserved' sticker," she recounted. "I told him I was only backing out."

She admitted she probably should have just let the situation go, "but his Karen-ness p**sed me off so much." As the OP was getting onto the elevator, she realized the man only wanted to park in that spot as it was "right next to the elevator."

The woman revealed a "lightbulb went off" in her head, and she made her way to the rental office and asked to upgrade her parking pass. It's additional money she has to pay, but she said it's "worth the petty revenge."

The Redditor added that she was going to wait for the man to leave for work the following day so she could move her car into "'his spot' and leave it there for God knows how long." She added that there are perks to working "fully remote."

She concluded: "Male Karen yells at me for being in 'his spot,' I upgrade my parking pass and leave my car in 'his spot.'"

When a Redditor asked the OP to update everyone when the man discovers the situation, she said, "I doubt there will be much of an update, given that there's more than one reserved spot, but the day I hear from the (property) manager is the day I know I got his a**."

Redditors React

Many comments poured in over the viral post, with many people seeming to appreciate the woman's efforts. "This is the pettiness I look for," a Redditor admitted. Another user added, "Pettiness: satisfied. See you tomorrow!"

Talk of approval was everywhere, and one user called the OP their "hero," adding, "This is the kind of petty that I cuddle with and nurture and love on."

Another Redditor reasoned the situation is their kind of petty as well. "Spending $40 to screw a dude out of ten extra steps every day... I f**king love it," they expressed.

One user thinks the woman spent the right amount of money on the revenge. "Petty AF [as f**k] OP, well played," they said. "$40 is the perfect amount to spend on this. Much more and you'd be a lunatic, much less and it's too trivial to be of concern."

Others suggested that the OP invest in a camera. "You might want to angle a webcam on your vehicle in case this idiot tries to mess with your car," a Redditor said.

Newsweek reached out to @xiinya for comment.

Other Viral Moments

This isn't the only viral moment involving revenge. A worker's story of revenge earlier this month on the CEO that was "a decade in the making" delighted the internet. Meanwhile, a teen's revenge after being left out of a family photo pleased viewers last month. In addition, the internet enjoyed a student's $400 revenge on their roommate.