Internet Backs Worker Snubbed by Customer After Being Called 'the Help'

An employee at a pharmacy is garnering widespread support on the internet after they were snubbed by a customer and called "the help" while trying to be friendly.

The now-viral Reddit post recounting events, which was captioned, "My co-worker said 'Hi' to a customer's young daughter, and her mother told her, 'Don't talk to the help,'" has been upvoted 12,700 times since it was shared on February 28.

The post, shared by u/Impossible-Head2121 in the Reddit forum "Antiwork," revealed the poster and their co-worker work in a pharmacy that's in a "very rich neighborhood."

The original poster (OP) went on: "My coworker was out in the front of the store facing inventory, and a customer walked by with her young daughter. My co-worker smiled at the girl and said 'Hi.' The girl's mom told her to not talk to 'the help' and walked right by my coworker."

The OP didn't mince words when it came to their feelings. "This is what the wealthy think of the working class," they added. "We are not even worthy of being spoken to."

Woman and daughter wearing masks
The internet is backing a worker snubbed by a customer and being called "the help." Here, a woman and her daughter wearing masks. HALFPOINT/GETTY

According to the Pew Research Center, a survey conducted revealed that 43 percent of respondents found rich people more likely to be intelligent. However, 55 percent found them more likely to be greedy, and 34 percent found them less likely to be honest.

Over 500 comments came rolling in on Reddit over the situation, and people were backing the worker's plight. Some Redditors had ideas on how to handle the customer.

"Tell her that her card declined loud as hell next time she comes in," a user suggested.

Others had harsh words for the woman's comment in regard to the worker. "Disgusting mentality...And then they wonder why these places are short-staffed," a Redditor said. "Who wants to deal with such awful treatment? Pure arrogance on the customer's part."

One person hoped the little girl will realize the behavior is wrong. "Nobody is born looking down on other people," they wrote. "This little girl [as all kids do] learns so much from observation."

Some people revealed their own examples of comments from customers. A Redditor said it reminded them of when they were "ringing a lady up, and out of nowhere she just turns to her young child and says 'Someday machines will replace these people.' Like ma'am, I'm right here."

While another Reddit user believed that "dehumanizing people is how people who get wealthy by exploiting people teach their offspring that it is okay to exploit people to stay wealthy."

Some Redditors were shocked at the customer's comment when the worker was just trying to be friendly. "Wow...I can't believe the disrespect and the way humans act toward each other just because they have more paper than somebody else smh," a user wrote.

Other people had responses like, "God I hate people like that," and "She needed immediate public shaming."

Newsweek reached out to u/Impossible-Head2121 for comment.