Internet Is 'Blown Away' by Video of Woman Turning Purse Into Jacket

Now the cold weather is upon us we need to wear a jacket on nights out.

However, once you get inside your destination, do you really want to carry around your winter warmer?

Instead of tying it around your waist, which ruins your look, or draping it over the side of a chair to be lost forever, one TikTok video claims to offer a fantastically unique solution.

Footage posted to the app on November 17 by B. Long Fashion, which can be watched here, has gone viral because it demonstrates their trademarked creation "The Jurse."

In the clip, which has already been watched 1.1 million times, we can see a woman showcasing the product.

First she draws attention to a stylish slouchy black leather handbag on her shoulder, which has a thin metal strap.

She then puts her phone, deodorant and lip gloss inside the bag and zips it up.

What happens next is why the video has gained more than 231,000 likes—she unfastens another zip on the bag and reaches in to turn the bag inside out, into a stylish leather jacket.

The woman then reveals that her items are safe in what is now the inside pocket of the coat—absolutely genius!


Drop ya thang down flip it and reverse it!!! The Jurse™️ @@missyelliott_01 @Chlöe #fyp #musthave #gift #trend #vibes #jacket #fashion #purse #night

♬ original sound - B.Long

Many people have rushed to the comments section to share their praise for the clever garment and storage solution.

One TikTok user, Erin Buck, wrote: "This is the best invention ever. Definitely telling the women in my family about this!"

Another person, Chaterra Nashay, added: "This for the girls who get cold everywhere but don't wanna carry a jacket."

La_tahh joked: "Imagine you wear it as a purse to test if he's gentleman enough to give you his jacket, and if he doesn't just switch it to a jacket and leave his a**."

Dnice_livin92 commented: "Omg [oh my god] this is perfect for concerts and events that don't allow purses."

TheYellowFrame revealed: "I'm gonna be honest. I was like hmmm idk [I don't know] at first. Then I was blown away. Very impressive."

On B. Long Fashion's website the brand describes the item as "Fashionably Convenient."

The trademarked "Jurse" is currently on sale with 50 percent off, ranging from $89.99 to $99.99 depending on the color and material.

The makers claim it "transitions in under 30 seconds and no need to remove items during the process."

"The Jurse offers fashion and convenience so dress it up or down. Life, nights out, shopping and traveling made easy," the site explains.

woman and handbags
A stock image of a woman surrounded by handbags. On TikTok a video has gone viral showing a purse that turns into a jacket. iStock