Internet Calls Out Man for Leaving Wife at Mother's House to Attend a Party

The internet has slammed a man for leaving his wife at his mother's house while he attended a party without her.

Published to Reddit's infamous r/AmITheA**hole forum, a woman under the username u/Throwaway64246 shared her story to the followers of the forum to see if she was in the wrong for being angry at her husband. The viral post has over 5,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

The Redditor says she has been in a wheelchair since 2019. For her to get from place to place, she relies on her husband. For a while now, he has been dropping her off at his mother's house and disappearing for hours. She says she has nothing against her mother-in-law, but she doesn't like to be out for long periods of time. He always blames his lateness on work or traffic. He wouldn't respond to her texts or calls, only when his mom calls.

Recently, he told the original poster (OP) that he was invited to a friend's engagement party and she said she wanted to go with him. He told her it would be best if he stayed with his mom until he got back. In response, she said she would rather stay home as he got upset with her answer and told her he would take her to the party instead.

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Man leaving wife at mom's house Reddit
The internet has slammed a man for leaving wife at mother's house to attend a party. Boris Jovanovic/iStock / Getty Images Plus

She explained: "He stopped by his mom's house and dropped me there, I asked him why we were at his mom's house and not his friend's party. He said he had an hour before the event and had to get some work done urgently and he'd come back for me and we'd go together to the party."

"He left and I stayed inside with his mom. we talked and she brought me coffee and sweets. an hour went by and I started calling him, he didn't respond at first but then turned his phone off later. I felt so mad I kept calling despite knowing his phone was off. I asked his mom to try calling him and it was still turned off. I waited 3 hours and I just knew he lied about taking me to the party," she continued.

She called her sister to pick her up. Her mother-in-law said that wasn't a good idea since her husband told his mom not to let her leave until he got back. The OP ended up going home while her sister stayed with her the night since her husband didn't come home and wasn't answering his phone.

The next day, he returned home and was upset that she left his mom's house without him. He admitted to her that he lied and went to the party solo stating that it would have been "boring and uncomfortable" for her and would have found staying with his mother "admiring her new plants" would be more entertaining. He told her he got too drunk and spent the night at a friend's place, she confirmed that he stayed the night by speaking to the friend.

"We had the biggest argument about it and I told him that he what he did was unacceptable but he said I overreacted because it wasn't like he ditched me at some public place and said that by leaving I hurt both his and his mom's feelings. I said I won't argue about this anymore but he said that I acted childishly throwing a fit over not attending some 3hr event that he himself thought was trashy and classless," she concluded.

The "AITA" community was quick to defend the OP on her reasoning for being angry at her husband.

"This is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT ABUSE," u/definitelyjanine5 warned, receiving the top comment with over 18,000 upvotes, "He is taking advantage of your condition and abandoning you because he KNOWS you are physically unable to stop him. He is sick and this is disgusting, I think you need to treat this as a real wake-up call."

"Your husband is lying to you. What, specifically, he is hiding is debatable, but he has empowered his mom as a co-conspirator (even if she is not aware of the details) in his scheme. He is using your wheelchair-bound mobility as a way to do other things w/o you. I'm so sorry you are in this situation. But you are absolutely [Not the A**hole]. Your husband is gaslighting you on a major level," u/GrandpaJoeSloth said.

U/lihzee wrote, "[Not the A**hole]. Um, why are you staying with your husband at this point? He's ditching you at his mom's repeatedly to go off and do whatever. He doesn't seem to care about your wants. How on earth were his feelings hurt by you leaving his mom's house? It sounds like he's up to something and is trying to keep you out of his way."

U/latoofarabumba exclaimed, "[Not the A**hole]. You should dump this ableist, abusive, ahole immediately. He literally uses your disability against you and controls your movement. It's sickening. You deserve SO MUCH BETTER!"

Newsweek reached out to u/Throwaway64246 for comment.