Internet Charmed by Dog Demanding 'Full-Blown Hug' From Owner in Cute Video

Sweet home security footage that shows a dog greeting her owner with a big hug has gone viral online.

The video was shared Friday in Reddit's "Aww" forum by the dog's owner, u/timeforshade_ok, who wrote: "My dog requires a full-blown hug as soon as I walk in the door." It has garnered more than 12,000 upvotes and over 170 comments from charmed Redditors who said the interaction was one of the "purest" things they'd ever seen.

In the video, the dog—a Great Pyrenees—jumps up onto her owner, almost knocking her over. As the dog clings to her owner's torso, her owner manages to steady herself against her kitchen island.

After a few moments, the owner lifts her dog's paws onto her shoulders and envelopes her in a big embrace. Then, the dog places her nose on her owner's forehead before finally jumping down.

Dog with owner
Sweet home security footage that shows a dog greeting her owner with a big hug has gone viral online. Monoliza21/istock

"This is one of the purest things I've seen," wrote u/murphyE927.

"So sweet. Give [her] more attention," commented u/boisNgyrls.

"That was freaking adorable," said u/RyanTheeShort.

"This is the most wholesome thing I have ever watched in my life," admitted u/Eirinae.

Redditor u/Twoofingers added: "I could watch a compilation of this happening every day."

While many commenters loved the video, some argued that the dog was displaying "bad behavior."

"Does no one else see this as bad behavior?" asked u/wittyandunoriginal. "Like, letting them know it's okay is one thing, but immediately jumping up on people when they walk in is really really embarrassing for me as a pet owner."

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), jumping is a "natural canine behavior," however, it can be "dangerous," so it's important to train dogs out of the habit.

"To eliminate jumping from your dog's greeting repertoire, you need to eliminate the associated rewards," the AKC explained. "That means managing your dog so they don't get the chance to practice jumping while you teach them an alternative and more appropriate way to greet people"

The AKC encouraged owners to not only "ignore" their dogs when they jump, but also train them to greet people in a different way.

"How you want your dog to greet people is up to you. You might simply want all four paws on the floor, or you might want your dog to sit or lie down," said the AKC. "But remember, you need to tell them what TO do, not just what NOT to do."

In response to u/wittyandunoriginal, the owner of the Great Pyrenees explained that, thankfully, her dog doesn't jump on other people.

"The cool thing is she only hugs me! Guests are greeted in a much more tactical way. But I guess if your dog was unable to differentiate between owner and guests this would be considered bad behavior," she wrote. "Luckily, not the case here!"

Newsweek has reached out to u/timeforshade_ok for additional comment.

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