Internet Debates Worst Navigation App After Hilarious Google Maps Tweet

Twitter has found yet another topic to debate about.

After one user's tweet implying that Google Maps is so bad that it will take you to the bottom of the ocean went viral, hundreds of people jumped online to voice their opinions on the debate heard in cars around the world: which mobile navigation app reigns supreme?

google maps deadass have you like this

— ARFAN (@ArfanKHXN) April 26, 2021

While deciding which navigation app is best may not be one of our society's most pressing issues, it is clearly an issue many people have strong opinions about. If you've ever had to spend a prolonged period of time in a car with someone whose opinions about navigation apps are different than yours, then you know just how heated this debate can get.

The jokes surrounding the Apple Maps vs. Google Maps vs. Waze discourse tend to heavily revolve around the routes each app selects for its drivers. Users all claim that their chosen app is faster, safer and overall more reliable than those other apps, joking that other interfaces take users off-road or, quite literally, point drivers in the wrong direction.

Though the original tweet was written by an Apple Maps user, many were quick to argue that Apple Maps is the worst of the navigation apps. Sure, Google Maps might take you to the bottom of the ocean, but if you want your trip to look like a scene from Grand Theft Auto, Apple Maps is for you, they said.

Using Apple Maps be like:

— NUFF (@nuffsaidny) April 26, 2021

Twitter user Danny Armstrong shared a clip from The Weeknd's infamous Super Bowl performance, saying it is a perfect glimpse into just how confused both Apple Maps and its drivers are while on the road.

Apple Maps searching for the next wrong turn to tell you to make be like:

— Danny Armstrong (@DArmstrong44) April 26, 2021

One user even went as far as making a list and putting Apple Maps at the bottom, below even using a compass and "letting the stars guide you."

Best GPS Apps in order.
1. Google Maps
2. Waze
3. Find my iPhone
4. Compass 🧭
5. Letting the sun guide you.
6. Candle 🕯
7. Using the stars as guidance.

8. Apple Maps.

— 6’4 (@OverlyLiked) April 26, 2021

Another pointed out that Apple Maps might be better for those who aren't great at math, as it often uses landmarks to describe distances as opposed to Google Maps, which uses exact measurements.

The only correct take on the apple maps vs google maps debate

— Sri 🐦 (@railfan_) April 26, 2021

Though everyone has a strong opinion, there are only a few slight differences between the big three navigation apps when it comes to getting users from point A to point B.

One major difference many noted is that Google Maps allows drivers to add multiple pit stops to their route, giving drivers the ability to stop to use the bathroom, grab a bite of food or maybe run an errand or two before arriving at their final destination.

Apple Maps and Waze require that each stop essentially be a new, separate trip. This can be frustrating and difficult for those taking longer road trips where making semi-frequent stops is necessary.

The other major difference is each app's speedometer or speed limit function. Apple Maps users have to ensure this is turned on, whereas Google Maps and Waze have their speedometer function turned on by default. Additionally, Waze users can choose to have the app alert them if they're speeding, and the app also has police tracking capabilities, allowing drivers to avoid speed traps.

In fact, many Waze users love the app's police tracking capabilities and it appears to be one of the main features its users point to when making the case for which app is the best. Besides, if getting to your destination on time is important to you, not being pulled over is critical, right?

Waze users: 🏎🔥🔥🔥

Apple maps and Google maps users:

— Post Malone's Bud Light (@post_bud) April 27, 2021

Other features such as public transit routes or satellite mapping help to set each app apart. For now, however, Twitter users remain focused on arriving on time, in one piece and of course, staying on the road.

I stopped using Waze the day I ended up in a ferry tryna get home from Greenwich I ain’t gonna lie it was faster but that’s not the point

— CRUZ (@ECruzal) April 27, 2021

Like Cruz, most drivers don't want to find themselves on a ferry, even if it is the fastest way home.

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