Internet Defends Woman for Not Selling Her Horse To Please Boyfriend

The internet sides with a woman who refused to sell her horse to please her boyfriend in a new viral post.

On Reddit's popular forum, "AmITheA**hole," u/nohorsethrow, detailed her predicament in hopes of getting the opinion of other users.

The 24-year-old Redditor has been riding horses all her life. She began taking lessons at about 4 years old, as noted in the post. When she grew older, she began helping out at a stable. Years down the road, the woman the Reddit user worked with was going to sell a horse named Lady. Luckily, u/nohorsethrow's parents could afford it at the time, so Lady became hers.

In the United States, about 2 million people own horses, most of these owners live in the state of Texas where ranch life is commonplace.

"She's my bestest friend and I love her a lot," u/nohorsethrow wrote.

When she first became involved in a relationship, she made it very clear that taking care of Lady was a lot of work and it would take much of her time. Her boyfriend told her it wouldn't be a problem. Before her relationship came along, she could spend up to 4 hours a day at the stable. She reduced her hours when she starting dating and now goes every other day for about 3 hours to clean, ride, and feed her horse.

Six months into the relationship, her boyfriend told her that she's at the stable too much and should put more time and effort into their relationship, causing an argument.

"Somehow his family got involved and saying it was strange to prioritize the way I did," she wrote. "I wasn't comfortable with this but I am a bit of a pushover so I agreed."

She decided to ride two days a week but now feels rushed caring for Lady so not to upset her boyfriend who admitted he wanted her to sell the horse. She first thought it to be a joke, but it wasn't.

"We argued about it and he apparently thinks I can just put her down as she's old anyways," she explained. "I was furious at this and told him that was absolutely not happening and I would never sell her. He said that any reasonable person would sell or put down their horse in favor of their boyfriend and the only reason I wouldn't is because I only hang out with other insane horse people."

Many users took to the comment section to defend the Redditor.

In one of the top comments with over 20,000 upvotes, @justsippingteahere wrote: "Holy NTA- you're BF sounds controlling AF. You've worked hard to compromise with him but he keeps moving the line until he eventually gets everything he wants and you have sacrificed everything important to you. A lot of abusive partners start the cycle by trying to isolate their partner. You have a whole support network at the barn and he wants you to give all that up in addition to your horse who is like a member of your family to you. This is super messed up and a HUGE red flag. I know it really hurts but be grateful he's shown you who he really is and how he (doesn't) prioritize or frankly care about your feelings and well being. I'd run not walk away from this guy."

In response to the popular comment, u/reluctantdragon agreed saying, "He sees something you love and wants to take it away from you :( That should be enough right there to warrent a red flag but I really love this comment about the support system! Keep them around you and Leave him! So many red flags."

U/DelurkingtoComment declared the Redditor not the a**hole adding, "Keep the horse, lose the boyfriend."

The post has over 13,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

Woman with horse
The Reddit user took to the social media platform's popular "AmITheA**hole" forum to get the internets opinions on her situation. DuxX/iStock / Getty Images Plus