Internet Divided as Man Not Happy With Pregnant Stepdaughter in His House

The internet has been left divided after a man shared that he didn't want his pregnant stepdaughter's new baby in their home.

In a now-viral post shared on Mumsnet, user SisterBlis explained that he lives with his wife and four children, including a 9, 12, and 13-year-old as well as his 19-year-old stepdaughter.

In the post, the user explained: "My step-daughter is pregnant. 14 weeks. [She] isn't in a relationship. She wouldn't be able to afford a place of her own, so the only option is for her and the baby to live with us. I want to be supportive but having a baby in the house doesn't fill me with joy.

"Also, it feels very harsh and unsupportive to even think it but, if you can't afford a child, should you be bringing one into the world?"

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Mumsnet users flooded to the comments to share their thoughts on the family's situation—with divided reactions and suggestions.

One user wrote: "What is it about having a baby in the house you don't want? It won't be your baby." Another commenter sided with the man and said: "I think this is a terrible imposition on you and the rest of your family. She's making this huge decision that affects all of you and I think it's perfectly reasonable to express that you aren't happy about it."

In a later comment, the poster explained: "The addition of a baby doesn't fill me with joy. Been there. Had that stage of my life. Didn't think I'd ever be going back to it." But another commenter pointed out that it would not be his responsibility: "You're not really going back. You're not their parent! Feel really sorry for this baby."

One response suggested that the poster could simply stay out of the situation: "If you don't want the baby, have nothing to do with the baby. It's her baby, not yours. You don't have to help in any way." But another commenter disagreed and said: "It's not exactly possible to ignore a baby in the house!"

Despite the suggestions and conflicting opinions on the popular forum site, the poster confirmed that he and his wife would be supporting the pregnant 19-year-old: "Regardless of opinions, my wife and I have supported her with the view that this is her choice and nobody else's."

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A file photo of a pregnant woman. The internet has been left divided after a man shared that he is upset about his pregnant stepdaughter bringing a baby into his home. SHansche/Getty Images