Internet Divided Over Woman Who Hacked Ex's Account in Viral Video Seen 1.8M Times

A woman went viral by posting a video going through her ex's personal social media information. It already has 197,000 likes and 1.8 million views, creating debate on the internet.

User @brookeyounng found a way to download all of her ex-boyfriend's Snapchat data to see who he's been talking too. In her caption she wrote, "that one time i was able to hack into my ex's sc and literally found a way to see every message they sent/received and from who."

According to Statista, there are over 300 million users on the app. Snapchat is widely used for sending pictures. The user has control over who they are friends with and who can see their stories. In order to keep information as safe as possible, Snapchat recommends setting up two-factor authentication, verifying email and phone numbers, choosing a good password, and checking privacy settings to ensure all privacy protocols are in place.

The viral post divided the internet over the violation of privacy.

"I can't believe some girls don't trust their boyfriend .... Anyways where's the tutorial," @Maddie wrote.

"I would never. I like being happy," @Ciara admitted.

"Imagine arguing with him and telling him 'you texted her at 11:39 with 9 seconds,'" @Denise laughed using a crying face emoji.

"If you had to go to those lengths, you already knew," @Durl commented.

"this is so wrong in so many levels if you feel the need to violate someone's privacy don't date them," @Ariadna said.

"This is .. actually not ok," @Maira explained.

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After many users asked @brookeyounng for a tutorial, she uploaded a video on how do it step by step, explaining how to get detailed information on anyone's snapchat history. She explained that, to get started, you need login and email information.

"If you already have their password then it isn't really hacking," @miiriiamestheer said.

@brookeyounng commented that her ex knew that she had downloaded the snapchat data. The user clarified that she deemed it "hacking" in the first video as a "joke." She also said she didn't expect her video to go as viral as it did. "i was just trying to make more storage on my mac and found it in my documents and thought it was funny and posted the tiktok," she wrote.

Snapchat goes into detail about downloading data on their website, explaining what content is saved including snap history, memories, saved chat history, location, friends and others. However, the act of actual hacking is illegal and should be taken seriously.