Internet Drags Woman Who Put Snickers in Co-Worker's Gas Tank for Not Loaning Her $20

A Reddit post is gaining a lot of attention online, and it's centered around someone allegedly putting Snickers candy in a gas tank after their co-worker wouldn't loan them $20. In the subreddit r/trashy, the poster shared information regarding their co-worker's sister.

"My co-worker's sister put Snickers in her co-worker's gas tank because she wouldn't loan her $20..." the post is titled. Shared in the post are photos of a car's gas tank with the words, "My own sister" above. In one image, you can see something is shoved and covering up the gas tank, presumably the Snickers candy. It's gotten all over the outside of the gas tank as well. Someone's reflection can be seen in the side of the car too. In the second photo, remnants of the candy are on the ground with the gas nozzle hanging out and closed in the gas tank door. The tire also appeared to be pretty low as well.

The original poster also added a comment: "The sister tried denying it was her, but the parking lot has cameras... Edit: She also slashed the tires."

The adage that sugar can ruin a vehicle's engine might not be true after all. According to Popular Mechanics, sugar doesn't actually dissolve when in gasoline. A vehicle's fuel system has filters that would trap the sugar before getting to the engine. Plus, there are areas of low-velocity flow where the sugar would gather before getting to the filters as it's denser than gasoline.

"We have not seen an engine damaged or destroyed by sugar in a gas tank, nor heard of any truly plausible or established cases of this happening," Mohammad Fatouraie, Bosch's manager of engineering explained.

A car's open gas tank
A Reddit post has gone viral after a woman put Snickers candy in someone's gas tank for not loaning her $20. A car's open gas tank. ALBERTPEGO/GETTY

The post has 13,500 upvotes so far with 527 comments. People have a lot of feelings about the situation. Some poked fun at the incident, while others wondered about what the damage would do to the vehicle. Still, others seemed upset by the situation.

"Well, it appears she's going to need a lot more than $20 now," a Redditor reasoned.

Others had jokes as well. "Look who's not coming over for the holidays..." another user said.

"That's probably $20 worth of Snickers right there," a viewer wrote.

One user joked, "She wasn't herself, she was hungry. Shoulda had a Snickers."

"Apparently, she still had enough money for a Snickers," another Redditor admitted.

While a user had harsh words. "This b**ch can afford to waste a Snickers but needs $20?" they asked.

A Reddit user suggested the victim go to court over it. "That's a new one...She should take the b**ch to court," they said. "That's likely not a cheap fix depending on how much Snickers she shoved in there."

Others reacted with comments like, "Getting it all on camera for an easy win in small claims court? Priceless."

"I'd throw my family in jail in a heartbeat," a viewer responded to the post.

Another Redditor didn't mince words. "I hope she got charged and fired for the damage," they said.

"This shouldn't be trashy, she's a total piece of s**t," someone else wrote in the comments.

Newsweek reached out to the Redditor for comment.