Internet Explodes Over Woman Who Coached Boyfriend To Cover Tattoos Before Meeting Parents

Dating someone your family doesn't like could become a real problem if steps aren't taken to nip things in the bud. Relationship expert Susan Winter told Elite Daily that it's necessary to set boundaries in these situations. "Now that you've listened, there should be no further discussions on the matter," she said.

This scenario played out in real life — except, there's been no happy ending so far. A user by the name "laveea" took to Reddit's "Am I the A**hole (AITA)" forum for advice.

"My bf and I have been together for almost 2 years. We're polar opposites but managed to work through our differences in the past. For some context: he's almost 90% tattooed (up to his neck) and comes from a difficult background to put it mildly," she wrote in the viral post.

"Today he's employed and doing well for himself but his upbringing was quite rough. I wouldn't describe myself as "posh" at all but I come from a family where image, looks and your accomplishments matter. However I'd say I'm a little more casual than them."

She explained that the time came for her boyfriend to meet her parents which she said would "make or break everything." She then told him "that he will cover his tattoos — no ifs, ands or buts — because my parents are super old fashioned."

The woman bought her boyfriend an outfit, so he'd look "presentable and classy," followed by a practice run where she "told him what he should or shouldn't say, how to talk, how to address any of my dad's concerns etc." She felt discouraged, however, because, at no point did he ever "show any enthusiasm."

By the time the dinner came, it didn't go as planned.

"It was an absolute DISASTER. Yes my parents and sister were a little critical but they're like that with any guy I date," she wrote. "My bf was so pissed that he purposely unbuttoned the top of his shirt so you could see his tatted neck. Of course that offended my parents and a huge argument ensued. Not only were they telling him that he's not good enough for me, they were telling me how disappointed they are."

At some point, the parents told the man to leave, making the relationship an unlikely success story. The woman said she's been "guilt tripped" because "he chose to wreak havoc."

Some time after the disastrous dinner, the topic of the tattoos came up again.

"A couple of days ago we were arguing and I told him that he should've hid his tattoos if he wanted any respect from people like my family," she said. "He was hurt and said that it's f****d up that I want him to change to gain respect from them. He even claimed that I'm obviously embarrassed to be associated with him and not even worthy of respect in his eyes."

The couple hasn't spoken much since the incident and now she's left wondering if she's in the wrong. Naturally, Redditors had some things to say.

Tattoo artist
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"YTA, you say you coached him on what to do, say, what to show ie his tattoos.... at what point were you going to show your parents your boyfriend and not this puppet you set up for their approval?" RobertaBeauregarde wrote, in part.

"Was coming to say that I didn't even reach past the coaching part, because I already know. OP your family are judgmental assholes and you sound stuck up with a stuck up your arse. Give over, either you love him for who he is or you go your spectate ways. This isn't keeping up with the Brady Bunch. YTA," NatashaVorster said.

750more agreed. "Definitely YTA but sounds to me like there wasn't a BF problem but a gf and family one. OP why weren't you coaching your nasty family on how to behave like decent people??? OP and her awful family owe the BF an apology."

"To add another dash of assholery you gave this man lessons on how to walk and what not to talk about. No wonder he feels that you want him to change," delainied added.

And, like many other comments, TechTaliZorah came by for an entirely different reason saying: "This is one of those rare posts where I KNOW you're an asshole from the title, but every paragraph somehow keeps getting worse and you become more of an asshole than I thought. Bright side? The hot tattooed guy is probably going to be single soon, so I have a chance!"