Internet-Famous Cat Will Be New Mayor of Hell, Michigan

A cat, who rose to social media stardom for her uniquely round, enormous eyes and clumsy feet, will serve as the next mayor of a small town in Michigan.

On Sunday, Jinx the black cat will briefly reign over Hell, Michigan, a community 20 miles northwest of Ann Arbor that has a reported population of about 72. The town's website says that anyone can become "Mayor of Hell" for a day or even an hour. But Jinx, entering office with 736,000 followers on TikTok, 402,000 on Instagram and 248,000 on Twitter, will be Hell's first feline leader.

Jinx lives in California with her owner, Mia, who told Newsweek that she rescued the cat in 2018. The cat was only about three weeks old when Mia found her abandoned in the field behind her house.

As time passed, Mia noticed that the feline's large eyes were not getting any smaller while she grew. The cat also had large feet that made her slightly clumsy.

"She learned how to land on her feet only around a year ago," the owner said.

Cat Mayor of Hell
Jinx the black cat, who rose to social media stardom for her uniquely round, enormous eyes and clumsy feet, will serve as the next mayor of Hell, Michigan, on Sunday. Photo courtesy of Mia / @bigfootjinx. Mia / @bigfootjinx

Mia took her to the vet, who said the pet was healthy—she was just born with defects that made her look different from other cats.

Those same birth defects gained Jinx a large following on social media, with her audience fascinated by videos and photos that shared her unique appearance and everyday life.

On April 8, Mia wondered aloud on the internet if her beloved cat could ever become mayor. "Isn't there some town that made a dog the mayor?" she asked on Twitter. "Can we make Jinx mayor or something somewhere?"

Lo and behold, responses came in from Hell, Michigan, where anyone—human and now feline, too—can become mayor for one day, with a donation of $100 to the town. Becoming mayor for one hour is just $25.

"Jinx is going to be mayor in three days," Mia announced on Twitch on Thursday. During the livestream, the cat's fans suggested decrees for her consideration, including mandatory salami and cat treats.

"She also wants big murals of her and the mandatory following of her social media," Mia said about Jinx.

The one-day mayorship comes with horns, a T-shirt, a mug, a badge and a mayoral proclamation certificate, along with a certificate of impeachment at the end of the day. The mayor also receives property ownership of one square inch in Hell.

In 2017, comedian Elijah Daniel became mayor of Hell and managed to fit the outlawing of heterosexuality into his one-day term.

Update 4/22/22, 4:53 p.m. ET: This story has been updated with comments from Jinx's owner, Mia.