The Internet Has The Best Advice For Woman Fired After 'Manifesting Failure'

The Law of Attraction suggests that thinking positively manifests a positive outcome and thusly the inverse does the same with thinking negatively. Some might perform affirmations, others visualize or create a mood board. However it's utilized, many swear by it, good or bad. Such is the supposed case of one Redditor's fiancé.

"So, my fiancé worked at a bridal shop," the user known as "Dr_Squirtle1" wrote on the forum Am I the A**hole (AITA). "She had an appointment set up at the end of the day and the person ended up not showing up. She jokingly said 'I said I doubt she shows up so I must've manifested this.'"

He continued: "Her co-worker ran off to tell the boss, boss pulled her aside and said 'you can go home,' called her later and fired her with the reasoning being 'You're manifesting my businesses failure and I can't have that, I need to let you go'. I am absolutely dumbfounded at this reasoning. She was a sh*t boss, best for my fiancé in the end."

The man didn't elaborate any further but the internet chimed in with plenty of advice for his fiancé.

"Tell her to go back in tomorrow and say she's manifested her job back," omgitsaghost said.

"It's a George Constanza. Rage quit on Friday, show up Monday like nothing happened," frankydie69 wrote. This led to stalphonzo's reminder that it's exactly what Seinfeld creator Larry David did when he worked on Saturday Night Live.

"We're gonna have to let you go, your vibe is off," Omgiloveher joked.

A bridal shop
A wedding gown displayed in the window of a bridal shop. Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

Some wondered if the firing was really warranted, suggesting the woman seek legal advice.

"Maybe even a wrongful dismissal lawsuit, depending on where they live. That doesn't sound like a valid reason to fire someone to me," ImAOneTrackLover said.

Cassierae87 added, "Now she can manifest unemployment because vibes aren't a real reason to fire someone."

"I hate 'manifestation' culture. Too many people already blame themselves for 'having negative thoughts' when random shit happens, and now bosses will fire people over it???" shadowSe7en wrote.

And finally, one reader said to utilize the manifestation.

"On a serous note, this sounds like a blessing in disguise (or maybe not even in disguise)," HoldMyBeerPleeze said. "On a less serous note, this sounds like an opportunity. Your fiancé can inform her prior boss that her ability to manifest things is totally independent of employment relationships. And that moving forward: For $100/mo she will stop manifesting failure, for $300/mo she will actually manifest success at the standard level, for $500/mo she will manifest premium level success."