Internet in Hysterics Over Curious Cat Getting Its Face Stuck in a Vacuum

A cat named Luna has gone viral for a video of her getting her face stuck in a vacuum cleaner after looking inside out of curiosity, leaving the internet in stitches.

In a video shared on TikTok by the cat's owner, known as Luna_the_loonie on the platform, the cat can be seen wandering around a vacuum cleaner, curious to see what's inside, when at some point she gets her face stuck.

The owner quickly removed the suction tube from the cat's face, and even though curiosity didn't kill the cat this time, it did give her the scare of a lifetime—in fact she can be seen panting and gasping for air afterwards.

Further down in the comments, the cat's owner reassured her followers: "For anyone concerned, Luna is absolutely fine and has been given a cat lolly to feel better."

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The video, first shared on TikTok in July, has gone viral, reaching over 2.5 million likes, 26,100 comments and 221,100 re-shares.

Most users found the video funny, but felt sorry for the cat. One user, Brian Johnson, joked: "6 lives sucked into the VACUUM just like that." And Nathan said: "I can't be the only one that immediately thought of the scream extractor from Monsters Inc."

User91827364123 commented: "Poor thing was literally suffocating." And Monique added: "that was .... breathtaking." Yappayap said: "We all knew it was gonna happen... but when it did."

Another user, wikimaz, commented: "I think it got a little bit of soul sucked out." Soph pointed out: "The gag at the end." And Holly said: "Oh my gosh! I'm glad she's okay but I bet she was petrified."

So Much Better Than Before said: "This gets funnier and funnier and funnier with each watch." And Julia Davis wondered: " So do all the white cats just have chaotic energy? Asking for a friend with a 12 week old white kitten who's nickname is chaos."

Fish Penney said: "I laughed. I felt bad for the cat, but I still laughed. definately learned a lesson." And Dan Turner said: "I knew it was coming but I did not expect it to be this funny." Kirsty added: "Aw poor baby I bet he was so scared then."

Bernadett M340 said: "poor kitty, they are too curious and there you go." And Becca Louise Smith wrote: "awww bless. my cat is terrified of the hoover [vacuum cleaner]. as soon as he see it comes out he goes and hides n runs away."

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A stock image shows a cat observing a vacuum. A cat has gone viral for its reaction after getting its face stuck in a vacuum. Getty Images