'Jealous': Internet Blasts Woman Judging Friend For Marrying Older Man

The internet has turned on a woman who judged her friend and her partner's relationship based on their age, with one calling the poster "jealous."

In the post shared on the online forum Mumsnet on Tuesday, the woman, who went by "Judgeygem," explained she was living up to her username and confessed some views related to the age gap in her friend's relationship.

According to the BBC, the average age difference in heterosexual relationships in the U.S. in 2014 was 2.3 years, and about 8 percent had an age gap of 10 years or more. In relationships involving gay men, 25 percent had a 10-year gap or more while 15 percent of lesbian couples had the same difference in age.

Writing on the website's AIBU—Am I being unreasonable?—forum, Judgeygem said: "My friend is 30 and on paper has a life I would envy, has a gorgeous house so much so it has its own Instagram account and lots of followers, goes on nice holidays a lot, plenty of money, cute kids, always dresses nice, always has her nails done!"

"I went to her wedding last year and it was lovely and clearly expensive but I just couldn't get over her husband. She's 30 and he's 45!" the friend wrote.

"He is handsome and younger-looking than his age but I couldn't grasp why such an attractive vibrant women would marry someone who's going to be an old man so soon? I saw them today and couldn't help but judge them a bit, though they look very happy. AIBU? Why do women shortchange themselves in this way?" she asked.

Her comments raised a few eyebrows online, with many wondering whether she was actually more envious of her friend than she cared to admit.

Stock image of a hetrosexual couple
File: A couple. The internet was not impressed with a Mumsnet user's views this week after she disapproved of her friend's marriage to an older man. Getty

One user said: "We will all be old one day, 45 is far from a frail age. She isn't short-changing herself because she is marrying the person she loves. You sound very bitter and jealous to be honest, I hope you find your own happiness soon."

Another wrote: "Judge them for what? Having lots of money or for having a 15-year age gap? Not jealous are we?"

A third commented: "YABVU [you are being very unreasonable]. That's not that heinous an age gap at that age anyway. Some people look and act old at 50. Others are fit and attractive into their 70s.

"Crazy suggestion but maybe she, you know, loves him? Why on Earth would you judge someone, a friend no less, who is presumably happy with their life? Good for her tbh [to be honest], sounds like she has a lovely life."