'Out of Sorts': Internet Laughs at Dog's Hilarious Photo After Vet's

A dog who returned from the vets looking "a little out of sorts" has left the internet in stitches this week.

On Wednesday, Ellen Corrigan from North Dublin, Ireland, shared the picture of her pup on Twitter with the caption: "Vets rang me to collect my dog after a procedure and warned 'he may be a little out of sorts.' Showed up and this man was absolutely BUTTERED."

Featuring a picture of Pablo the Jack Russell Terrier, the tweet has received more than 340,000 likes and thousands of retweets.

Rescue dog Pablo is around 10 years old and was adopted by Corrigan five weeks ago from Cara Rescue in Ireland. Corrigan told Newsweek: "I took him to the vet last week when he started vomiting. Turns out the poor old man has liver disease and jaundice, so was on a drip for a few days plus a whole plethora of drugs."

After spending three days at the vet, Corrigan was incredibly excited to bring him home: "When he emerged from the kennel, he was like an old man on his way back from the pub. He had a big smile on his face, but there wasn't a thought behind those eyes. He was seeing stars, hearing colors, tasting words."

Luckily, Pablo is now back to his normal old self. Corrigan explained: "I knew that it would eventually wear off so I just sat back and enjoyed watching his little trip, then gave him lots of hugs when he came round."

VCA Animal Hospitals report that with modern anesthetics, most dogs should be back to normal in no time. They say: "Many dogs are sleepy or tired for twelve to twenty-four hours after anesthesia."

In stitches over the picture, Twitter users took to the replies to share their own pets' experiences after trips to the vet.

One user shared a video of her German Shepherd dog wobbling gently and said: "Hawkeye had some real good drugs on Saturday and forgot how legs worked."

Another user shared a picture of their Irish Wolfhound with the caption: "My big boy Twist was in for a surgery a few years ago and the vet came out to us and said he's still groggy but boy he really enjoys his sedation."

In another reply, a Twitter user shared another close-up of Pablo and joked: "I think maybe you should drive."

"I'm glad that everyone is enjoying Pablo's photograph," said Corrigan: "I think social media can often become quite a gloomy place, with a lot of doom-scrolling. Sometimes it's nice to take a break and just enjoy looking at a thread or narcotized pets."

Earlier this week, another dog scared her owners when they thought she had suffered a stroke. After further inspection, vets revealed that Chai the dog was suffering from vestibular syndrome, a disease that affects balance but usually clears up quickly.

Dogs, cats and other pets should never be given drugs that have not been prescribed by a licensed veterinary professional.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) reports that human medications have topped the list of toxins most commonly ingested by pets.

The ASPCA says: "If you believe that you need medication for your dog, it is vital that you first call your vet and schedule an appointment."

Pablo the dog
Pablo the dog after his trip to the vet. The pup's hilarious expression has captured viral attention on Twitter where users have shared pictures of their pets post-surgery. reallousewife/Twitter