Internet Loves Restaurant Closing So Chef Can Enjoy His Son's 7th Birthday

While many posts on the r/antiwork subreddit discuss what needs to be changed in the working world, one heartwarming post was well-received by viewers.

A photo of a sign, which received nearly 60,000 votes since it was shared on Reddit, stated that the California-based restaurant Sasabune Glendale would be closed on February 28 because the head chef would be celebrating his son's birthday.

A piece published by the app Wellspace discussed some of the benefits of having a healthy work-life balance. "As well as being able to spend more time with your family, you will notice a boost in your productivity and creativity at work," the article reads. "You will also have a new appreciation for your job and will feel happier going into work."

Commenters praised the restaurant for its respect for employees spending time with family.

"We will be closed 2/28 Monday," the sign—which was shared on the restaurant's Instagram page— read. "Due to the chef takes his son to LEGOLAND for son's 7th birthday."

It assured customers that the restaurant will reopen on March 1.

"Achieving work-life balance can improve your bond with your loved ones, relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress and give you a new appreciation for your job," the piece by Wellspace read.

Employees are encouraged to leave behind at the office.

"Don't take any work home with you and avoid checking your work emails or checking in with your colleagues when you are at home," the piece stated.

Dedicating time to spend with family was also highly recommended, and one way to help make the most of the time off is to take a break from technology.

"Constantly working, even when you're supposed to be enjoying time off can have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing," the piece stated.

People flooded the comments section to commend the restaurant.

"Love this, people shouldn't have to worry about missing children's memories for a job," u/VdkaLvr wrote.

Another commenter claimed that the post is the "essence" of the subreddit.

"The world isn't going to end if a restaurant is closed for a single night while the head chef takes his son out on his special day," u/ShaolinFantastic420 commented.

One commenter wrote they did not realize just how much they missed out on from their first daughter as she was growing up until having a second child just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

"Life is short," u/Jaceman2002 wrote. "The job can chill for those moments. If it can't, find a better one."

A commenter who claimed to be a chef also applauded the restaurant.

"This is what I'm talking about," u/treesontreesonstacks wrote. "I've been a chef my whole life and no company has ever extended this kind of kindness to me. Simple, human understanding."

Parent Child Holding Hands
People commended a restaurant that closed for the day so that the head chef would be able to spend time with his son for his birthday. An image of the sign announcing the brief closure circulated on social media and went viral on Reddit. anyaberkut/iStock