Internet is Obsessed With Biden's 'Attractive' Secret Service Agents: 'Marry Me'

A pair of handsome Secret Service agents have caught the internet's eye after they were posted to TikTok while accompanying the President during a visit to Massachusetts.

On Friday November 26, President Joe Biden was seen shopping with his grandchildren on the island of Nantucket.

However, the head of state ended up being outshined by two Secret Service agents who were posted to the social media app by an account called Life_with_matt—and have so far garnered more than 2.8 million views.

Text overlaying the footage, which was shared on November 28, reads: "Forget the PRESIDENT. [American Flag emoji]. The "SECRET SERVICE" be looking fine."

In the clip, which can be watched here, we can see one unidentified member of Biden's security looking dapper, wearing dark glasses, khaki trousers, a navy blue jumper and a blue trench coat.

Another man dressed casually in a red baseball cap, green coat and beige trousers also steps into view to shake the first man's hand.

Life_with_matt has captioned the video, which has attracted more than 404,800 likes, writing: "Marry Me.[peace-sign emoji] [laughing-face emoji]. #presidentbiden #joebiden #nantucket #massachusetts #gay #gaysoftikok."

Another account, Magsmur, also shared her footage which was a close-up of the first agent, alongside the caption: "I call dibs."

Her video, which has been watched more than 1.9 million times, is set in slow motion and text overlaying it reads: "When I wasn't the only one looking at the secret service man [eye-ball emojis]."

The clip, which has more than 171,500 likes and can be viewed here, has garnered many comments of admiration.

One TikTok user, Alex Peterkin, wrote: "Honestly the best use of my tax dollars."

Another person, TeresaMcD2, added: "Biden's Baddies is how I will now refer to his Secret Service from now on."

Taylor Walker joked: "This is giving me too high expectations that the FBI guy watching my phone is hot."

User6761904178908 typed: "It's crucial that I see him without sunglasses."

Ashley Samantha revealed: "Let me tell you as a government attorney here in DC, Secret Service is one of the few groups of attractive men here and they're always on the move smh [shaking my head]."

Blair Meeks asked: "How many times have y'all watched this? I can't stop."

Josugot admitted: "I have worked with them and I can confirm that they are some of the hottest humans on this planet."

Meggie Behrmann commented: "How can one by arrested by the secret service? Asking for a friend."

Secret Service Agent
An image of a President Biden and a member of his security team. On TikTok Biden's Secret Service agents have caused quite a stir on account of their handsome looks. Getty Images