Internet Praises 'Off the Clock' Daycare Worker Who Refused Diaper Change

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May of 2020, there were 254,000 people who worked in a childcare setting. The internet has recently come to the defense of a daycare employee who refused to change a child's diaper while they were not working.

Taken to Reddit's popular "AmITheA**hole" forum, a woman who goes by the username u/Commercial_Object941 described her encounter with one of the mothers of a child she looks after at work. The Reddit user believes she could be the a**hole after refusing to change her child's diaper while "off the clock." The post has 10,000 upvotes with over 1,000 comments.

After being invited to a friend's barbecue, u/Commercial_Object941 realized that one of the children she looks after at the daycare was there with family. The mother then asked the OP (Original Poster) if she could quickly change her child's diaper. Confused, the OP politely declined saying she was "off the clock."

The mother explained that her husband usually has diaper changing duty because she's a germaphobe with a fear of getting sick due to an incident that happened prior. Still, the daycare worker said no.

"She seemed really shocked by this and continued to explain how much she hates changing diapers and how her husband wasn't here so he couldn't help," the Reddit user explained.

"I just told her that I don't like changing them either and I think it's inappropriate for her to keep pushing this when I have already told her no. She then said 'it's devastating to me to learn my daughter's favorite teacher has so little empathy' and after that I just walked away."

When she saw the mother and child leave the party, the OP texted her boss to tell her what happened just in case there was a discussion at the daycare.

"My boss just told me that I could tell her about it in more detail when I get back [from vacation] and she'd let me know if the mom said anything to her but it seemed like I was in the right in saying no," she wrote. "I am not her employee and even if I was I still think that's not something you should ask someone to do outside of work hours."

In recent updates made to the post, the OP addressed concerns some had concerning whether CPS became involved, to which OP said she didn't.

Commenters were quick to defend the Reddit user.

"'Hi, I know you're off today and we're both guests at this party, but since you work at subway, can you make me a sandwich?' This is about how ridiculous she sounds—ignoring the fact that she shouldn't be alone with her baby if she can't properly care for her," u/Lakesiren wrote, receiving the top comment with 16,000 upvotes.

"Ew," u/Nay_nay267 added. "If the mother is a germaphobe and has emetophobia, why did she have kids? My comment was to point that she is using those as an excuse to abuse her child and not change their diaper, making them wallow in their own filth."

"You don't work for free," u/Tinabird20 said. "What was her plan if you weren't there? Just not change the diaper?. Maybe she's being dramatic maybe she's got an actual mental issue. But, she decided to have a child and it her responsibility to figure out how to care for that child. Not expect you to work on your time off."

Changing a diaper
A Reddit user asked the "AmITheA**hole" community if she was in the wrong for not changing a child's diaper when she was "off the clock." romrodinka/iStock / Getty Images Plus