Internet Praises Owner for 'Stealing' Back Cat Taken by Neighbors

An internet user has been backed after he asked whether they did the right thing in retrieving their cat which a family had "tried to steal" by banging on their door late at night.

The Reddit user asked whether he in the wrong for retrieving his cat back at 3 a.m. from another family in an apartment building in the popular forum "Am I the a**hole?"

The Reddit channel, which has more than 3.6 million subscribers, is where people come to ask whether they were the "a**hole" in a certain situations, with the Reddit community providing feedback.

"AITA for 'stealing' my [family] cat back from neighbors at 3am?," the post asked.

The lengthy comment from Reddit user Likawaii described the incident involving their family's cat, which they refer to as "Fluffbutt" for "anonymity."

Likawaii explained that Fluffbutt is an indoor cat who is "terrified of strangers." The cat is also allergic to cereal and corn and needs to be on a special diet consisting of grain free cat food.

The Reddit user said their apartment was being fitted with a new kitchen, the cat was moved to their grandparents' home so it wouldn't get stressed or escape.

The Reddit user said that Fluffbutt managed to sneak out from their grandparents' apartment into another in the building.

Likawaii said that when they came over to help search for the cat, he could hear Fluffbutt meowing from inside one apartment whose occupants were not opening the door.

"I knew the neighbours had my Fluffbutt. He has a very specific meow, and not a lot of people in the apartment building had cats," Likawaii wrote.

"So I waited till after midnight and went back downstairs and started ringing and knocking on the neighbours door to get my cat. The neighbour has finally opened the door and was about to have a go at me for waking them up that late at night, when Fluffbutt run out of the door at full speed nearly knocking the neighbour over," the Reddit user added.

"I left as soon as my cat was free, found him next to my grandparents' door, and let him in."

Likawaii said that the next day, the neighbors knocked on my grandparents' door demanding "their" cat back as their child had been crying since she "found" him.

"I've told them to leave since Fluffbutt is our family cat, and not only did they try to steal him, but they also kept him against his will and caused an allergy to return," Likawaii wrote. "The neighbours said I had no right to ring them late at night and wake them up.

"I'm now staying with my grandparents for a few days to make sure Fluffbutt is OK and the neighbours won't try to steal him again, however some of my grandparents' neighbours called me an a**hole for what I did."

Likawaii added that Fluffbutt is microchipped with his details up to date. The Redditor said they will also contacting the police about the incident to make sure it is documented "in case the neighbours try anything stupid again."

Other Reddit users assured Likawaii that they were not the "a**hole" in this situation.

The top rated comment in the thread by Major_Barnacle_2212 reads: "NTA [not the a**hole.] I'd do anything for my pets too. It should be easy to prove it's your cat.
"If these people really want a cat they can go get one. Plenty need homes!"

Another Reddit user, Fantastic_Nebula_835, added: "The girl's parents are at fault for stealing your cat and telling their daughter that she can keep him. Now she knows that real life is not a finders keepers game. You have no obligation to let them steal your cat again just to give their lies the appearance of truth."

NefariousnessGlum424 wrote: "I'd do the same thing if it was my dog. Property is not 'finders keepers' just because a child gets attached at first sight."

According to the American Humane Association, more than 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the U.S. every year, with one in three pets estimated to become lost at some point during their life.

Willow, a non-pedigree pet is seen at Merseyside Cat Club GCCF all breeds championship show at Sutton Leisure Centre on June 2, 2018 in St Helens, England. A Reddit user has been backed after he asked whether they did the right thing in retrieving their cat which a family had "tried to steal." Shirlaine Forrest/Getty Images