Internet Rallies Behind Redditor Who Forbids Neighbor Kids From Sledding On His Hill

Kids love a good snow day — especially if there's a sledding adventure. But, some of those adventures could become dangerous. According to personal injury lawyers Fisk and Monteleone, a sledding accident on your property could make you liable and it gets pretty complicated once insurance and the courts get involved.

One Redditor took to the "Am I the A**hole (AITA)" forum to ask if they're in the wrong by saying the neighbor kids can't sled on their hill for those very reasons (and then some).

"The house I recently moved into has a hill on the edge of the yard," user snowcoveredhills34 wrote. "I've talked to my neighbors a few times and they seemed like nice people."

"A couple days ago we got our first real snowfall of the winter. My neighbors reached out to me and asked if I minded if their kids went sledding on the hill. They said that the previous owner of the house had let them use it but they wanted to check with me. I hardly use that part of the yard and have no need for it when it's covered with more than a foot of snow, so I said sure."

Before the sledding could commence, the neighbors first asked that the Redditor keep their dog inside while the kids were out. Though the Redditor explained the dog was no danger, but that didn't suffice. Things quickly escalated.

"They said that since the bottom of the hill was on their land I couldn't restrict their access to it and that I was endangering their kids by letting my dog be outside unsupervised with them," the Redditor said. "They just got more upset I wouldn't bring her inside and ended up threatening to call animal control on me for having an 'out of control dog.'"

The original poster told them the kids couldn't use the hill after all, adding, "and that if they were going to make unreasonable demands they could not come on my property."

The Redditor asked if they're the A**hole and the internet responded.

People walk up a mountain used for sledding during a snow storm in Central Park. Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

"NTA- honestly you shouldn't let them anyway. If they got hurt sledding on your land you would be liable. They could make your home owners insurance pay for medical bills," IlSconosciuto said.

BodhiLive2getRadical agreed adding, "NTA. Also, those kids get hurt sledding on your property, they sound like the kind of neighbors that would sue you. Sorry kids, your parents blew it."

"They also sound like the kind of people who would try to get OP's dog put down. Yikes stay away. Put up no trespassing signs and maybe even security cameras," cocosnut wrote.

"The threat to call animal control was a wild escalation. I'm so curious if there is any more to the story that OP told us, because going from 'yay sledding!' to 'f you, we're gonna try to get your dog killed because we want to sled and pretend we're the only ones who exist!'" ninaa1 said.